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  1. Don’t lose your ticket in car park like I did last year though! Was trapped outside for a good hour to convince them to let me back in (miraculously I found my ticket on Monday morning when leaving just in the field under a random car wheel nowhere near where I parked!)
  2. kevbizarre

    2020 headliners

    Yep - we saw the same arguments last year about the The Cure subbing or headlining Other. Clearly nonsense.
  3. kevbizarre

    Kendrick Lamar

    Interesting. I’ve never seen him live. What changed? Album wise I prefer the early ones so was the poorer live performance just reflective of the newer albums?
  4. I don’t have any issues here with pre erected camping. ive done plenty of Glastonbury’s the “normal” way and now I’m a bit older and can afford it I stay in WV - works out around £150 extra but I treat the week like a regular summer holiday and as such save for it. And the car park being close means I can bring more food/drink so spend less on that during the festival. The price hike this year did surprise me a little so may reach a point if it continues as being too expensive. Feels like it’s close to the limit now... Not for everyone but works well for me at the moment
  5. Same here. Good tents. Has a partition but just roll it up and you’ll have plenty of space.
  6. Hill isn’t too bad especially if like me you only walk up it once when coming back. Notice it much less with a few drinks in you! The entrance from WV into festival site is right by stone circle / strummerville - good location in my opinion unless you want to spend a lot of time at John Peel!
  7. Yes but I would contact them nearer the time. Seetickets have been surprisingly quite flexible re: WV in my experience about adjusting details
  8. Scout or Bell? either way you’ve got loads of space! A bit more height space in bell but the scout has a porch area which I prefer
  9. You’ll be classed as lead booker - you can add them on as a guest but I think you need to be there in person to get into WV WV tents sell quickly but I’ve not had an issue getting one and they go back on sale around May post returns
  10. Ok that is long! WV down the hill is 5-10 minutes and you’re by strummerville. The WV car park is really easy too so wonder how the new one will compare? Will it be a car park that is used for regular campers too? Does sound like this a geared towards to coach ticketers as the bus transfers can be a nightmare to WV
  11. Cheers - I’ve never really minded the hill but going back in the day wasn’t really possible at WV. Just wondered if it would be much easier for that in this new location? On the map it seems to be right by Cinemarggedon? Paths not that clear on map can you walk straight from there into Park/Arcadia area?
  12. What’s the walk from here to festival please? Where do you enter the main festival site? Will there be same facilities as WV? Not very clear on website ?
  13. Yeah this is very unusual not to have all the tent info up already. Been nearly every year to WV since it was set up and they’ve never been this late I think. Can’t imagine they’ve got rid of the other options - sure those are the most profitable ones
  14. kevbizarre

    Other Stage 2020

    If Aerosmith or GNR are Friday headliners than Dua Lipa would work well against that for the pop crowd
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