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  1. Were they this many free tickets last year? I paid for LCD and XX last year but already have won/been given free ones for BMTH, C&TQ and Bon Iver just in the last week
  2. In case any one is interested I just changed one of my booked tents (4 man bell to 2 man scout) as some from my group changed plans. Painless and quick switch with difference refunded! All via a few Seetickets emails. No admin fee either!
  3. I know people who have got on the bus back down with normal tickets only - depends on who you speak to probably and if they are being super strict. Not sure what choice they can offer you other than yes as walking won’t be safe with all that traffic? So could force their hand....
  4. Fab! I am seeing them the week before the festival as a nice little warm up
  5. Confidence Man just announced a gig in Birmingham a week before Glastonbury - chances of being on the farm?
  6. Get back to tent just after Sunday headliner finishes and pack up car / clean up - in bed by 2 usually and then up at 8 to leave at 9 or 10 latest and home to the midlands by 2pm. I’m fortunate to have a good friend who does the drive back. He usually goes to bed early as the rest do the packing up.
  7. Although my figures will make it a little worse - 18 bought and all 18 going
  8. Looks like a healthy return %
  9. Biggest advantage of WV is how close your car is (if you’re driving). So can take extra food/drink and clothes and just leave in car if not needed. Makes planning much easier. Queues for hot drinks in the morning can be very long so would recommend a stove to heat water (and cook breakfast!) And chairs / inflatables to chill outside tent ⛺️
  10. They’ve just been added to the Florence/National BST gig so I’m thinking maybe not
  11. SVE, Shura, Sigrid, Christine, Loyle Carner, Lizzo, The Streets, Little Simz, King Princess and Hot Chip all good on the undercard. Lacks the oomph up top - I think the subs are worst line assuming it’s George, Liam and Janet.
  12. kevbizarre

    2019 Headliners

    Bloc Party playing Bristol on Friday of Glastonbury - does this mean they will be “headlining” Thursday night in Williams Green?
  13. Ah my bad - Electric Picnic in Ireland. Also already sold out
  14. EP is due to announce mid March - I wonder if Glastonbury will be around same time?
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