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  1. They should just have a mini-prison set up with soundproof walls on-site where people who litter, steal, shout abuse or deal drugs (taking should just be a warning) are locked up for the duration of the festival. The prospect of missing the festival should be enough to deter people.
  2. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dog-abandoned-glastonbury-festival-found-3808687 5,000 tents were abandoned at this years festival (one even had a dog in it.) Why are people so selfish as to believe they don't need to clean up after themelves?
  3. I already cleared that one up, boots on ground is stoopid. Nuking the entire middle east is the common sense option.
  4. But there's a big difference between cars and a naked human being. There's clear regulations to protect children from bad drivers; you need a license to drive a car, you are legally obliged to stop at school crossing patrols. If you kill a child through reckless driving you are put in prison and/or banned from driving. There's also no double standards with drivers, a driver isn't driving past a school ofkids and then cycling the last mild to avoiding hurting there own. Gough is an attention seeking, selfish little prat. Reckless drivers are just reckless drivers. However the naked cyclists have the common sense to approach from a where they'll cause least offense issue.
  5. Israel, Palestine and most of the middle east just need a good ol' nuke from aunty britain and mother america to bring them back to any form of stability. I'm sure Russia would object because their funding most of the jihadi moronicuses but that's the price we pay for necessitating world peace. Note I don't support any form of traditional military intervention, it doesn't work ref. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and pretty much anywhere else we've put boots on the ground.
  6. If he'd just walked past a school when he couldn't avoid it in the middle of the day then fair enough. He walked past a school at home-time in a small town where there invariably would have been an alternative, less outcry generating route he could have took. I've no issue with nakedness, I've a massive issue with people using the supposed façade of nudist campaigning to generate attention. He was arrested for "breach of the peace" as being naked isn't illegal as evidenced by naked bike rides in various uk cities.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2543309/Naked-Rambler-reveals-insists-going-nude.html If you deem walking around naked acceptable fine but walking past a school butt-naked to make a silly political point is creepy. Naked bike rides have gone on for years without arrests, the issue here is the rather dodgy way in Gough choses to make his point; dodgy enough for the police to see him as a criminal unlike naked bike rides.
  8. I really don't give a flying hoot what you jocks do but one question; will I need a passport to get to Rockness or T in The Park next year, assuming your all-powerful dictator Salmond, - who let's face it will be less popular than Assad by next summer when to quote the King Blues "the hippy dreams faded" replace hippy with short-sighted lefty nationalism - sanctions this fun?
  9. You reckon the naked rambler should be free then I guess, you know the creepy guy who hung around by schools naked repeatedly - if it wasn't for laws on what you can wear he'd be free? I've no problem with women wearing the burka, but in situations where ID needs taking; ordering alcohol (not exactly sure why a women so devoted to islam she wore a burka would be ordering alcohol but netherless), driving, airport security checks, whenever your age or appearance needs determining etc.
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