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  1. anyone still not got their refund from seetickets?
  2. I will cry if Friday ends up looking like that. Beck, Kano, Little Simz, The Strokes, slowthai and Fontaines DC all in the space of 5 hours!
  3. probably been covered already, but is the non-attendance insurance ticket worth it or is it just a way for them to make an extra 8 euros per ticket?
  4. How about this for an idea:
  5. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    gutted i didn't get tickets for last night, but then thought it would be ok because i'd already got tickets to watch spurs play Leipzig. it was not ok
  6. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    well that was fucking dreadful
  7. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    would this make the 22nd less likely? https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2020/cointreau-margarita-day/
  8. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    22nd would make more sense surely based on tour dates?
  9. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    better not be, bought tickets to spurs v leibzig last night!
  10. hhunting

    the libertines..

    one of my favourites and an incredible live band. brixton in december was a fantastic reminder of how good they are. but they desperately need new material and more importantly it absolutely has to be of decent quality
  11. Be very interesting to see where in the UK they play! At this stage, Glastonbury has to be on the cards surely? Obviously there is the fee issue but you never know.
  12. was for madness at the electric ballroom. £3 tickets. you'd be crazy not to!
  13. got tickets to this thanks to this heads up. nice one!
  14. so if you have multiple registrations you can enter more than once? isn't that a bit unfair?
  15. 2014 - someone got mine in the general sale 2015 - got my own in the general resale. rest of my group bailed after main sale 2016 - got my group of 6 tickets in the coach sale 2017 - friend got my group of 6 tickets in the coach sale 2019 - got mine and my girlfriend's tickets in the coach resale. the rest of my group missed out
  16. hhunting

    EE Powerbars now live

    managed to swap my 16 one for a 17 one last year. anyone else have similar luck? anyone get told they weren't allowed to do it? i'm interested in success rates. i'm not sure i'll get lucky again, so will probably buy another stupid charger for this year
  17. hhunting

    TBAs 2019

    not sure anyone has said this yet or not, but could the TBA on the JP on Saturday be Skepta? New album out tomorrow, would follow well after Bugzy and may have held him back to help Field Day shift tickets??
  18. i was going by the 8 acts a day over 3 stages just to be on the safe side (i think pyramid is usually)
  19. so in theory another 30 or so acts yet to be announced for the 3 remaining stages?
  20. hhunting

    Resale Club 2019

    good luck to everyone tonight and on sunday. i have a train at 1820 from waterloo to Devon tonight so will be trying tonight from somewhere in waterloo station (completely not ideal). i'm also a spurs fan and will be trying to get a ticket to our game against ajax tomorrow morning at 10, whilst juggling a conference call at the same time and then we have sunday too. the most important ticket buying days of my entire life!
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