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  1. got libertines diddly ding dong tour tickets and looks like they've added a third date in london. i'll be darndiddlyarned!
  2. the libdiddlyibertines
  3. the actual link doesn't work for some reason. try clicking on the top bit of the email where the APE logo and foals is and you should get in that way
  4. Hope this means that they are going to do a proper tour in the UK!
  5. said it was sold out in that insta post but managed to just get 2 for the qotsa and liam day
  6. said it was sold out in that insta post but managed to just get 2 reading tickets for the qotsa and liam day
  7. did anyone go to the first show of this or know how much the tickets were?
  8. anyone still not got their refund from seetickets?
  9. I will cry if Friday ends up looking like that. Beck, Kano, Little Simz, The Strokes, slowthai and Fontaines DC all in the space of 5 hours!
  10. probably been covered already, but is the non-attendance insurance ticket worth it or is it just a way for them to make an extra 8 euros per ticket?
  11. hhunting

    The Strokes?

    gutted i didn't get tickets for last night, but then thought it would be ok because i'd already got tickets to watch spurs play Leipzig. it was not ok
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