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  1. kano mysteriously disappeared from week 1 lineup. not happy
  2. anyone got a link to the day splits for a la ciutat? i can't find it anywhere thanks
  3. bar a few glaring omissions from last night's setlist (colossus, danny nedelko, a hymn, well done), it was brilliant.
  4. I reckon that's bollocks for something else. I feel sorry for anyone who's booked hotels or travel to these events. I'm one of the lucky ones who got a cheap presale ticket for James and live in London. It's a shame Ticketmaster are such arsewipes about refunds for events that haven't been cancelled
  5. the set times for the saturday are atrocious. tom misch and little simz overlapping, a 5 minute gap to leg it from little simz to kano who are on opposite sides of the festival, kano clashing with the start of slowthai, a 50 minute gap between kano and jamie xx on the east stage and then only 10 minutes between the end of slowthai and jamie xx.
  6. Amazing show last night. I'm a casual Gorillaz fan and it far exceeded my expectations. Anyone paying to go tonight will be very happy with what they're going to see
  7. also got nothing on this so hopefully this isn't true. banquet records posted 40 mins ago on insta a list of shows and it's still on there
  8. yeah i think it's because some of the approvals have been subject to the decision on Monday, so i think you are actually still right that it could be delayed further as well
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