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    Not a big fan - recent output seems to borrow heavily from Pigs x7 and Slowthai.
  2. Maybe they will only get insurance payouts if they show they have taken every step possible to put the event on?
  3. Music, in all forms, is overrated and is a waste of everybodys time. Only weirdos like music.
  4. Apologies if posted before, but Russia has offered the EU 100m doses of Sputnik V. Haven't seen this reported in any of our papers. Side note: Sputnik is surely the coolest name for a vaccine out there. AstraZeneca need to up their game on their vaccine branding - call it 'Apollo' or 'Panacea', or something. "Yeah mate, I've just had my hit of Apollo - rocking man." etc
  5. Splonk

    Hacienda Live

    They were great weren't they! Another band I missed at Glasto and now regret. I'm having trouble finding the schedule for the rest of the night, can anyone post one up (pretty please). âĪïļ
  6. Splonk

    2020 New Music

    Liking this 👍
  7. Splonk


    https://twitter.com/MENnewsdesk/status/1285610183092305921?s=20https://twitter.com/MENnewsdesk/status/128561018309230 🙌
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    Me too. This is awful news. Shit. Shit. Shit. Can someone please make 2020 go away please?
  9. Anyone else tuning in to this tonight? https://actionallareas.org
  10. He's got European dates planned for July, so fingers crossed.
  11. No, not concerned about whether it's genuine - just checking he/she doesn't work for The S*n or Daily Mail 🙃 Thanks
  12. What is the name of the major publisher? Book/ newspaper? Thanks!
  13. Splonk

    The poster 2020

    Very happy to see Herbie Hancock/ Khruangbin...otherwise it's so, so, 5/10 for me. As much as I like Editors, Goldfrapp, Primal & Manics, they've got 20 odd Glasto appearances racked up between them already...feels a little stale. PSB headlining a stage in 2020? Hmmm.
  14. Splonk

    Jon Hopkins

    I've got 4 tickets for the Manchester gig tonight on Twickets if anyone is interested (FV obvs). Gutted I can't make it 😐 https://www.twickets.live/block/239693535305126,4
  15. I believe the front wheel turns and they hold up really well. As others have mentioned mud/ woodchips can get into the wheel arch of a trolley if the wheels are small. The terrain can get rough at Glasto - the number of abandoned trolleys you see littering the site is mad. Generally, the wheels can't handle the weight/ terrain and fall off. If I had to design a trolley from scratch for Glasto, I'd go for 3 big pneumatic tyres. 👍
  16. I wombled one of these from Pylon Ground in 2019. It's the perfect trolley - it cruises over rough terrain, has plenty of storage, and quality build so the wheels don't fall off.
  17. Michael Eavis doing Macc Lads covers in the Acoustic tent
  18. To get a good idea of crowd sizes in '94, one of the bigger sets of the fest was Galliano (even though they were fourth down Pyramid Saturday). As mentioned, Big Ground camping used to be bigger. 300k? Nah. It feels much more crowded nowadays. Looking back (I was there...physically at least)...wow, what a line up! RATM, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Bjork, Beasties and look at this line up for the Other (then NME) on the Sunday 😧 ...bit of a shame really because I literally can't remember any of it ðŸĪŠ
  19. Maceo Parker - no shows in the UK (yet?), but in Malta mid July
  20. 25 minutes by car from the airport to Jodrell Bank, so taxi is the easiest way. Yes, taxis pick up from the main entrance - it's probably busiest after the headliner on the Sunday. A Monday pick up will be a doddle, but in general from what I've seen, you could be waiting around for 15-20 minutes in the traffic during a bad period. Not really anything to worry about. A note on the booze situation - you are not allowed to bring booze into the main arena and they may have a quick look in your bag if you have one, but in general security are pretty laid back - hide your tinnies in a jumper or blanket and you should be right.
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