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  1. Less disappointing than FIB2019 but looks pretty shite
  2. And in June we get some ex-undercards who become headliners )
  3. They lied about 3rd headliner for several months. So I got a dull festival, with a weak organization
  4. I wonder if anyone wants to go to InMusic again?) This year was my first and the last IM. The worst festival I've ever been))
  5. "Sometimes you drink the bear, and sometimes the bear drinks you"
  6. I don't think they'll have three gigs in a row (28.06 Cologne, 29.06 Berlin)
  7. Same day five years ago AM - Jul 4 2013 Nick Cave - Jul 4 2013
  8. The Offspring gonna play In Sweden on 27.06.18. Relax and breathe out!
  9. Maybe I just lucked out this time. And yes there were beer stands with 3,5% Heineken in the concert area. And I came out several times from the beer tent (Paulaner)
  10. Been there in 2017. Something changed in Polish law? Cause there was no problem with taking beer outside. Unlike my previous Open'ers (2014 and 2015)
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