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  1. Oh yes, often call for a toasty before the hill of mild inconvenience! We’re arriving Tuesday. Love the vibe in the east before the festival kicks in.
  2. I’m definitely heading to this! Different intimate vibe up at the Crows Nest. Watching Confidence Man 2017 folk were dancing with footwear in the air going nuts.
  3. Nice one @Brave Sir Robin Followed.
  4. Evening everyone, I'm OJ, originally from Cumbria but now Manchester and 2019 will be my 5th Glastonbury. I've found out so much invaluable info from efestivals and had plenty of laughs reading the posts without posting myself, so thought this year I'd try to get more involved. I'm staying in East Campervan Fields with 3 friends. Catch you around.
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