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eFestivals is fund-raising

eFestivals has been here 20 years supporting festivals and festival goers. Without your support it will not continue as it has been.
Advertising used to pay the bills but advertising revenues are much less than they were.

Festivals: if you'd like us to continue to promote your event to our 650,000 monthly readers you'll need to give a helping hand.
Festival-Goers: if every visitor in just one day donated just £2, that would provide funding for a whole year.

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  1. Another long time lurker here! Just signed up for the gold membership, this website is awesome and adds to the Glasto festival excitement! Keep up the excellent work, long may it continue 😁
  2. Thanks for the replies about Latitude....think we might give it a go
  3. Quick question....has anyone done Latitude before? Thoughts? (Just looking at some alternatives)
  4. Have a good weekend everyone...stiff drinks all round I think.
  5. Anyone else just get an alert and have a mini heart attach!
  6. It happened yesterday morning too
  7. Pretty much the same time as yesterday morning as well.
  8. Damn Worthy View....anyone else just get the change notification?
  9. Yes, although we are trying to keep spirits up and hope alive
  10. That's gutting! To get so close....fingers crossed you can get them next time.
  11. I'm the same....wasn't really thinking about it at the time
  12. I think in 2014 there were 3 sales in the end, although all very quick and small amounts of tickets released each time.
  13. Good morning all, I to refuse to give up all hope, although still feeling very deflated after yesterday. Good luck to everyone.
  14. Nothing definitive, vague suggestion to keep watching the site.
  15. It was so different to last year, there was loads of time, it was so easy once the waiting and stressing was over. so many more people in the know this year made all the difference. I think a lot of people (myself included) were also expecting it to be on or just after the hour, 15:46 took a lot of people by surprise.
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