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  1. Hi I'm volunteering with Festaff this year and will attend IOW for the first time. I'm really struggling with travel options... Help please! My boyfriend and I have to be onsite by 5pm on Wednesday. The cost of taking my car on the ferry to and from Portsmouth is £200 plus the cost of fuel from dover!? I looked into coach and they don't start running until the Thursday! Looking for ways to get there for as cheap as possible please
  2. Oh wow! I'm really interested in them now, thanks chaps! Loving this years line-up, discovering so many artists
  3. What is The Can Project on yesterday's line up announcement? I don't think it's a band. Has anyone heard of them? Maybe it will be a production like the national ballet a few years ago? Thanks lovelies
  4. Totally agree, I have never been to glastonbury without wellies and wouldn't advise otherwise. However, he suffers with bad knees and I think a good pair of boots will ease his pain. We will be working the festival this year so won't have to worry about the weight of our bags queuing and our car is near camp
  5. Thank you everyone! I at least know where to begin now x
  6. hello, I'd like to buy my boyfriend a decent pair of walking boots for our summer festivals. He's a size 12. can anyone recommend a pair please? thanks
  7. Heeey! It'll be my first year with festaff too, but from what I've read I believe we have access to showers, electricity and free TEA! Agreed- Wondering off on your own always tends to make for the best evenings. Im also working the Isle of wight, how about you? In in regards to shifts, I think it'll be best to arrive early and I think you have to select 1 shift from group A, B and C. But they're happy for us to swap if we arrange it with them?
  8. That's a coincidence! On the outskirts towards folkestone. Are you working the festival?
  9. Ditto! Getting tickets is so bloody hard nowadays. My first glasto, Jay-z headlined and the tickets sales flopped, kinda wish it was still as easy then! Knowing we won't have to queue at the gates for a century and deal with traffic is such a relief. I'm also excited to see the site fill up as the crowds arrive. See you there!
  10. Thanks! How many times have you worked for them at glasto? Is the staff campsite in the north of the site near the welfare centre?
  11. I've lift shared before getting my license. Highly recommend it! There will be tonnes of people coming from your way I'm sure x
  12. That's cool! Are you planning to drive down on the Tuesday/Monday? I'm from near dover in kent
  13. Honestly have not stopped thinking about glastonbury since my work application was successful. help me channel this excitement into preparations!?
  14. Wanted to see glastonbury from a different perspective so decided to apply for festaff. Super excited that they've offered me work for glasto and IOW. Look forward to be allowed on site before the crowds arrive. I've heard only good things about festaff at glasto, has anybody else got work with them? Also what's the IOW Fest like?
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