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  1. fingers crossed for you! x
  2. this might be the first year that i wont be going with family, and we've been going since forever. Unless we get lucky with competitions or secret resales! really want to secure tickets for them all! i managed to get 8 tickets during random resales two years ago, so don't give up hope just yet
  3. can someone please post up the coach link? paranoid i'm monitoring the wrong pages x
  4. 22. saved up for my first ticket when i was 13 and have been every year since!
  5. send me your details. happy to help
  6. safe to say i have no hair or nails left right now
  7. shitting my pants. finished the tour and had 12883212 notificarions
  8. waaaah...i have to give someone a tour at midday.... guarantee it all kicks off then
  9. Hello, I tried to send you a message but I couldnt!


    please can you add me to the whatsapp group for resales?




    thank you dearest x

  10. Holy shit didn't see that coming. Hugely disappointing announcement. I love the pyramid stage vibe and this announcement is as dire (for me) as Metallica headlining Saturday last year. Was really hoping for a golden oldie... fingers crossed for a cracking sunday night headliner.
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