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  1. Can anyone tell me what songs have been used for the last couple of Glasto's? 2017 - Lorde - Greenlight 2016 - Coldplay? 2015 - ? 2014 - ?
  2. dj_conway


    Was wondering about Cider this morning. More specifically, wondering if the 3 for £21 will come back for Strongbow Dark Fruit before the 26th.
  3. I too got the exact same one last week. Do your wheels have a bit of 'slide' on them? Mine seems as though the axle is slightly too long and the wheels can slide on the axle.
  4. I can remember up to about half an hour into the 2015 set. The rest is 'hazy'. But watching it back now, I can still say it's the best live performance I've ever seen. Definitely a must see for me this year!
  5. Each to their own I guess. Would watch him over every rumored headliner knocking around at the moment.
  6. Considering one of these for myself this year, its going to be just me on my own in it, so i dont know whether to go for the 3 or 4 man, but i like having the extra space. Anyone got one that recommends them?
  7. Bought a blow up bed from Tesco (£10 reduced from £40), two in tent battery light bulbs from amazon (£5), and my funky leggings from eBay that look like cut off denim shorts with fishnet stockings underneath. (£5, I'm a 32 year old man btw😎 )
  8. Not very high brow i know, but id bloody love to see Lonely Island somewhere at Glasto. Maybe with a guest appearance by Julian Casablancas!
  9. Last night, I was supposed to be dropped off by my parents on the Wednesday morning, but we were lost just outside of Wigan. It was Thursday evening when my Dad got a bloodshot eye, and was trying to find somewhere to 'fix it' before he could carry on driving. Finally got to the site on Saturday morning and there was no where to camp. Usually wake up from Glasto dreams feeling buzzed, not this morning.
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