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  1. mickeyboymel


    I never feel it's close until the lights go on, oh hell this is gonna be a long week!!!
  2. mickeyboymel

    Car Parks & Routes 2017

    In 2014 I arrived at 2am on the Wednesday from Glastonbury Direction, they were filling Orange but I asked could I go to the next entrance and was allowed, got parked up right beside Gate A, in the second row! Bused it in 2015 but tried the same plan last year, they said yes drive on but that they thought there was no other gate open, which turned out to be true, so I had to turn around and come back to Orange. Down the years I have always ended up in Orange arriving at this time. Bit concerned about the Wirral Park roundabout closure, presumably we can follow the A39 round the outskirts, then and come back down the Wells Road to join the A361 at Chikwell St?? Any thoughts on this route
  3. 5 to go, holidays till July 3th, will be on the Ferry this morning next week!!!
  4. mickeyboymel

    Alternative Glastonbury Tips

    Collect Various Size Coffee Cup Lids in Service Stations etc in the weeks leading up to the festival.... nothing worse than trying to carry lifesaver coffee back to camp in the mornings with no lids on!!
  5. mickeyboymel

    Glastonbury Toe

    So thats what this is, my left foot is completely numb from the toe back to the top of my foot!!! I was getting worried there for a while
  6. mickeyboymel

    Tickets Despatched!!!!! glast-GOOOOO!

    Just got my email so it looks like internationals are now shipping too!!!
  7. mickeyboymel


  8. mickeyboymel


    Its back!! Seems to have shifted downwards slightly ,showing more of the farmyard area!
  9. mickeyboymel

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Avalon Cafe Sound desk 2014!!
  10. mickeyboymel


    It is muck/slurry they spread on the freshly cut fields, standard farming procedure, will ensure a nice lush green coating of grass by the time we arrive
  11. mickeyboymel


    The trackways have been laid from Pyramid to Railway line via Other Stage and I see they are laying the Silver Hayes ones in the 16:35 image