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  1. So tonight I feel so proud to be part of the wonderful NHS, everyones support is a real boost to us all, thankyou ❤️
  2. Hot rocks

    Food Stalls 2020

    That's called a chip barmcake in west Lancashire 🙂
  3. I would love to book again for this year but we're volunteering this time and knowing my luck it would be when im working, really enjoyed last years lunch here.
  4. I ordered a hoody and had the shipped email yesterday
  5. Hot rocks


    Just under £38 each, I’m tempted to buy some for a Christmas present for myself ?
  6. Hot rocks

    Bella’s Bridge

    That’s where I’ve spotted them then, we had a mooch around in there one night on the way back to cv fields, I may have been a bit drunk ?
  7. Hot rocks

    Bella’s Bridge

    I noticed they weren’t at the bridge this year too, I’m not sure if I dreamt i saw them elsewhere in the festival or if I really did ?
  8. Not overheard but I’ve just remembered 2 young ladies, 1 topless ( the other not far off ) pole dancing on the flag poles around west holts last night just before Janelle ? They had a decent sized audience too !
  9. Had a roast beef lunch at the deluxe diner today and was truly one of the best roasts I’ve had ( apart from my own ?) a couple of guys sat next to us had the pork and lamb and both looked good.
  10. We tried a goat curry from a Caribbean food van, not sure what goat is meant to be like but it was just lumps of curried bone with what tasted like ready made microwave rice ? had a lovely chicken wrap off the chapati man though.
  11. So sorry to hear that last chance didn’t work out Ollie , but if by any miracle u do find a way in can u bring the bacon and sausages our abbey left in your freezer with u ? x
  12. Hot rocks

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    I was there and heard him say something about a muddy festival, it was the very end though when everyone was screaming and clapping so missed most of what he was saying ! It was a great show tonight and I’d love to see them again next week ?
  13. Hot rocks

    Worried Sick

    Good luck for tomorrow, I’ll be at the festival with my husband and daughter and don’t mind ditching them for a while if you want to talk to someone, I’ve been through a similar situation ? jo
  14. It’s our first time in a camper van this year and I have a question about the ticket, it says “BLUE EAST “ on the top, does the “blue” mean a route we have to follow ? Sorry if it has been explained elsewhere on here ?
  15. My tickets arrived safely today including the cv ticket, not touched them yet as working a long day but seen photo evidence from my daughter ?
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