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  1. Hot rocks

    Drug use at Glastonbury

    My 15 year old daughter was offered tablets off a stranger in the glade area back in 2014, glad to say she declined the offer , also watched a couple of lads being frogmarched (not gently) out of the common by plain clothed police (I assumed ) the same weekend, can’t recall if they were scousers or not 😉
  2. Hot rocks

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Yes I used my daughters reg for this one .
  3. Hot rocks

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    I’ve managed to get a cv east quiet today so will be putting my standard east back in the pot for April 😊
  4. Hot rocks

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    Thanks I’ll look into that now 😉
  5. Hot rocks

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    It’s for mobility issues really and I assumed the quiet camp was furthest from the festival, my own fault for not researching a bit more 😏 it’s our first time in the cv fields also because of recent health decline, ill see if anything comes up in the resales. jo
  6. Hot rocks

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    Hi all how would I go about changing into the quiet cv east from the general ? In my panic after getting through I chose the wrong one, would I have to go through the April resales again and try my luck ?
  7. Hot rocks

    Missed out on bath and west show ground - other options ?

    Just seen one for sale for face value on Twitter , hope you get sorted .
  8. Hot rocks

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Got sorted for a cv ticket phew, that was as nerve wracking as ticket day 😄
  9. Hot rocks

    So...do you remember your first time?

    I can remember dropping my hubby off at the festival in 2007 during the worst thunder storms I’ve ever known, I carried on down to visit family in Cornwall, all the way thinking he’s going to make me pick him straight back up if the weather doesn’t clear up, but he stuck it out and spent the next 6 years trying to talk me into going with him, I just didn’t fancy it ! Anyway I gave in and joined him in 2013 and could of kicked myself for not listening to him sooner, we went in 2014 too but due to family circumstances missed the next couple of years, luckily got tickets for 2019 , there really is something magical that pulls you back every year and I can’t explain it !
  10. Hot rocks

    Why Glastonbury? Glastonbury isn’t ‘just’ a festival.

    Reading that’s brought a tear to my eye 😥 I really hope you get lucky in April !
  11. Hot rocks

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hello , I’m jo also a long time lurker on and off ( dependant on if the ticket gods were kind or not ) we have been lucky for next year and managed to bag 3 tickets 😊 we’re in the middle of converting our camper van and hopefully get a cv ticket too 🤞