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  1. I would imagine cancelled events will be refunded as normal, and this protection fee is if you personally can’t attend due to self-isolation or the like.
  2. I think I saw you it’s easy to mute other people on non-VR and mods could have muted you if it got too bad. Can’t give any tech advice as I haven’t fired this up in VR yet, but gotta say, the presentation of these stages is excellent - everyone involved has done a fantastic job. The Twitch stream is probably enough though if you don’t want to be sociable and chat to strangers. I’ll be on later for Carl Cox et al - if anyone else is on there, feel free to add me as a friend, I think my name is Sidasta-1265 (or just Sidasta) on there.
  3. Vidsidasta

    BBC Glastonbury

    If you can tolerate the music and Chris Martin, a Coldplay concert (in particular, stadium or festival concerts) is worth every penny. They are as good as they look. Don’t know how they’ll be on the next tour since Chris Martin is going all carbon-neutral, but I’m sure he’ll change his mind when someone invents a new type of self-illuminating glittery confetti.
  4. Vidsidasta

    BBC Glastonbury

    For more techie info on T-Swift’s wristbands: https://www.pixmob.com/projects/detail/taylor-swift-reputation-stadium-tour Basically from what I can determine, each wristband acts as a pixel like in your TV or monitor, and the moving projector on or behind the stage activates each pixel as required by beaming stuff over the stadium. Coldplay’s Xylobands operate by (I believe) blindly sending out a signal over a frequency that is different for each colour. That’s why they might start acting up near airports or the like. I haven’t checked, but I imagine conspiracists would say
  5. Vidsidasta

    BBC Glastonbury

    Either way, it all looks very impressive - we took our various Xylobands from Manchester Etihad a few weeks earlier and were fully decked out for Coldplay at Glastonbury - they all still worked. We were very much glowing in the dark. Sorry, Coldplay lyric reference, I’ll leave now
  6. Vidsidasta

    BBC Glastonbury

    Taylor Swift didn’t use Xylobands - it was a different technology using some kind of invisible projection (im not an expert), unlike xylobands which use radio. That’s how Taylor Swift’s bands could have patterns and waves broadcast across the stadium, whereas Coldplay’s just turned on or off based on their colour.
  7. Vidsidasta

    BBC Glastonbury

    Worst by far for me as well, including sets from previous years on smaller stages.
  8. According to the link, it starts at 7pm BST on YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc...
  9. The Lottery Winners just mentioned on their live stream that Manchester O2 Ritz is indeed postponed until end of the year.
  10. Warehouse Project (for their Mayfield Depot Concourse shows) just announced all to be postponed.
  11. Have they announced a closure? I have The Lottery Winners there in a few weeks, haven't seen anything from them since their initial "all going ahead as planned" post.
  12. Went to Jon Hopkins at Bridgewater Hall on Friday, and Secret Garden Rave at Gorilla on Saturday - both seemed pretty full. The atmosphere at Jon Hopkins was truly apocalyptic, genuinely felt like the end of the world with everyone dancing like zombies in a beautiful concert hall. Secret Garden Rave was pretty standard, everyone seemed to be having a good time and the venue was beautiful. I don't know if they opened the second room as planned, but the main room was packed at points. Lots of dancing, lots of smiles and happiness. It was like nothing was any different. Some guy told
  13. Based on this, is it possible that Glastonbury could have a "limited" build this year? Less structures, (technically) bigger capacity for the stages that remain, more open areas, less smaller acts, etc.? I'm sure those people who pay their ticket balance would be quite happy with that kind of compromise. I'm not understating the importance of advance planning and I'm sure there is much already in play for the site build, but cutting it back somewhat would allow for staff shortages and sicknesses, and material supplies, a little.
  14. Four Tet and Floating Points are both on the festival circuit - would be very surprised to not see them on the first poster.
  15. Was discussing this last night after the intimate Manchester album launch gig - Park was, and will remain, perfect for them. I don't even see them ever headlining a main stage - I think they, and their fans, would be more than happy for a sunset Park gig again. That's my hope, anyway.
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