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  1. Generally accepted to be £1 billion. 26 million households, so 30 odd quid a household. That’s gross (I know, in more ways than one…) so I suppose you should really net off economic benefits before deciding how much it has cost taxpayers. If anything.
  2. Accuracy doesn’t matter….? Did you say you were a teacher?
  3. I think that £30K figure has been doing the rounds, but it is clearly nonsense. The figure is something like £35 per household. Extra day off, seems ok to me.
  4. “It’s appalling what my country’s relations with Ukraine have become…” just fuckin jib her FFS!
  5. Mate, they’ll lose their shit when they see my Worthy View bridge….
  6. Fair enough. Still convinced that the info was good though. I was hoping for something going the other way tbh, towards strummerville, but we’ll see. Maybe it proved too much.
  7. There was a rumour a couple of months ago of some building control involvement from the local council in looking at this as a possibility…..
  8. I’m 100% calling that extra greenery going from Worthy View towards the fence just before the Crows Nest as some sort of treetop bridge.
  9. There is definitely some new tree/hedgerow activity represented from Worthy view down to the Crows Nest area above the park. I reckon this is the ‘bridge’ I was told about.
  10. The world doesn’t owe Nina Kraviz a chance of redemption you know. As has been said elsewhere, she is fairly despicable once she starts rabbitting on but until now people never thought of cancelling her. This is (rightly) different.
  11. I’ve been to Russia several times. Moscow is beautiful.
  12. No you didn’t misinterpret me. I think ALL Russians should be not booked. That is what cultural sanctions mean. And to a country like Russia - which has a huge cultural heritage - it will, and should, hurt. I don’t dislike Russians. I just think that this is a useful tool in the sanctions toolbox and should be used.
  13. I’m pro- British, anti most of what Britain does. That’s pretty normal everywhere I reckon. Don’t get your point.
  14. Now is not the time to ‘convert’ Nina kraviz. She finds herself on the wrong side of the debate and that should be recognised by the organisers. I’m no troll.
  15. One of the world superpowers is killing the citizens of its sovereign European neighbours. How can anyone be ‘neutral’ about that?
  16. Mate, apologies for the fuck you. But…. looking for reasons to book someone who clearly shouldn’t be there for reasons one and two and possibly three is baffling to me. Festival goers standard ng up and telling her to just do one would be brilliant.
  17. Hitler could have sold his watercolours in the craft fields and he’d have buzzed on the vegetarian offers on hand. Think of how he might have turned out if he’d come to Glastonbury.
  18. Blisterpack


    I don’t need platitudes from Putin apologists.
  19. Blisterpack


    No it isn’t. And fuck you.
  20. Blisterpack


    My comment was neither xenophobic nor emotionally charged. Denying high profile Russian artists a platform (especially those with an ambiguous - at best - view of Putin) is an important part of the sanction approach. That is both rational and in line with the general support of the Ukraine people.
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