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  1. shepnic

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    Great. Thanks. Happy to get one more test tweet to check
  2. shepnic

    Secret Glasto text alerts

    Help. What now?
  3. shepnic

    Quality Over Quantity. One Hour Slots

    I agree if bands don't have the material, then they should be on for 45mins or so. It's more of an issue for me when watching a DJ as a single hour doesn't allow them to really do what they would do in a smaller venue. Especially if the music then stops to get the next DJ on.
  4. shepnic


    Hidden message in the BBC website? http://www.myglastolineup.co.uk/
  5. shepnic

    Quality Over Quantity. One Hour Slots

    Going through the lineup I'm always slightly annoyed that well established bands and DJs only play for an hour. Personally, I would love another half an hour added to those, with the headliners getting two hours. It's great to have so many acts at Glastonbury, but with the size of the place, it can sometimes be a trek to see someone for just 60 minutes. Quality or quantity?
  6. shepnic

    Fatboys 2017 secret sets

    Also saw him last year. Amazing set. More recently, last Sunday, I stepped out my front door only for him to walk by me and into my local pub across the road. In that moment all I could think of to say was "alright mate" to which he replied the same. Wish I saw this post beforehand.
  7. shepnic

    Glastonbury Posters

    It always amazes me that I can't find a poster for every Glastonbury Festival that I've attended. Last year I took a mate and bought him the poster so he could reminisce. It's now framed in his room. It made me wonder why there isn't a poster per year, in a consistent format but with designs/typography that reflects that time. Personally, I'd love to have one for each I've been to and then frame them all. Even better if they were printed using the Heidelberg press.
  8. shepnic

    Worthy View Newbies

    The Hill of Death by Gate C has a name, and the WV hill doesn't. So that fills me with more confidence.
  9. shepnic

    Worthy View Newbies

    A load of us stayed in a campervan last year and so we had to do the Hill Of Death over that way. Is it anything like that? Worse?
  10. shepnic

    Worthy View Newbies

    Although I've been to Glastonbury a number of times, I've never stayed in the pre-erected tents of Worthy View. So I'm opening it up for anyone who can provide some advice. From the basics to the more detailed - go nuts! Thanks
  11. shepnic

    Wristband for Campervan areas

    Agreed with above. Just to add, should you lose either your wristband, pass ticket or your festival ticket, you'll be waiting a long time to get a replacement. Keep them all safe. It gets very busy entering and leaving the festival site at certain times due to each person having their wristband checked, ticket checked and your face matched against it and passout ticket taken/given. It's a shame there isn't another method.