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  1. It’s all guess work till Countryfile a week today!
  2. As depressing as it is, I imagine this will be the peak position in terms of positivity. No doubt the ‘deluge’ will manage to delay itself until Weds/Thurs. 8 degrees 😂😂.
  3. Look how lovely and dry the ground was.
  4. Do we actually know what days it fucked it down pre - 2016 in the run up - with a daily mm split - just out of interest?
  5. Weds/Thurs look dicey on that run - need those two days dry for setting up and exploring!
  6. Rain mon/tues is worse than later over the festival - does anyone remember queuing to get in the car parks in 2016??? Fuck a repeat of that shit!
  7. 14ft of water in 10 mins.
  8. A shit June...and the radio silence in the state of the ground thread!
  9. It’s all become rather depressing. Is it too much to ask to be able to sit in a field with your mates in the sun for a few days in mid-summer -without the fear of having to prepare for WW1 trench warfare? Britain is a silly place.
  10. On site reports have dried up - is that because the site has?
  11. Is it time for a good old .... from the Azores?
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