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  1. Aaargh!! Where the hell has that come from??!!!
  2. Not a fan. I was stood next to someone who produced a massive umbrella last year which looked great for the couple actually underneath it, but just obstructed several other people's view (including mine) and dripped a steady stream of water onto the shoulders of everyone nearby (including mine). I wasn't best pleased.
  3. Shhhh, Accuweather heard you! http://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/pilton/ba4-4/june-weather/710458
  4. Photos from 2008 = Thurs: Drowned rats, desperately trying to look happy despite 2007 memories looming large. Fri: Taking shelter from rain in the Pussy Parlour during the day, raving it up in the dry from early evening onwards. Sat: Glorious sunshine, blue skies and much hands in the air revelry but with wellies on. Sun: Sitting on the ground with trainers on. I'd gladly take that again
  5. Whilst this was one of the best festivals ever for cooler mornings (and therefore more sleep), I still reached a point each day when my tent was too hot. So, even though your tent wasn't put through any serious heat testing, the fact that you remained cool is a pretty massive deal in my eyes. The tent sauna issue is definitely my number one gripe at festivals so these tents are looking mighty tempting... Cheers for the review
  6. Great to hear!! Nice one
  7. Ah that's a shame It was all looking so promising for a moment! Got my fingers crossed for you all in the remaining comps. x
  8. Has anyone heard anything back from Green Goblet? I thought that one was looking positive at one point (for those who were able to work the shifts). Did it turn into anything?
  9. Did anything just happen? Got 6 notifications all at once, although I can't see any major changes.
  10. Yeah I did wristbanding for a couple of years around that time too They used to have a mix of volunteer and paid staff and the volunteers almost always just did Weds & Thurs, with maybe a shorter Sunday shift thrown in. Loved it!!
  11. Cheers! REALLY hoping something comes up for you (and all the other Efesters desperately seeking tickets). x
  12. Yeah it's with DC Site Services doing vehicle chaperoning. I have to arrive on Tues 21st.
  13. I know! Can't believe my luck. It's almost as good as winning a competition.....almost lol! Yeah I'll be at Latitude too
  14. Got my shifts through last night and I'm doing 6.5 hours each day!!! Yaaaaayyyy!!!! Sociable hours too! Proper excited now
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