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  1. 2009 was sort of like this (ish) in that it was super hot (I remember thinking my legs were burning though my jeans at one point and there was a queue for shade at the 'ginger tree' ) but we had some pretty big thunderstorms. The ground held out remarkably well though, so if we're REALLY lucky it could all be ok.
  2. Plumes?! Well this is getting interesting...
  3. Ah yeah we got there on the Thursday - this was taken at the Brother's bar as a sort of 'look, Glastonbury mud!' type thing.
  4. 2005 was the worst in terms of the amount of rain falling all at once (massive thunderstorm on I think the Thursday or Friday morning), but it very much depended where you were camped as to how much if affected you. If you were at the bottom of Pennards it was bad times!! It was glorious sunshine most of the festival though.
  5. Yeah that year is always my benchmark for bad weather now.
  6. Mind you , this was the Park on the first day, so it was bad up there right from the word go )sorry, can you tell I've dug out my old photos haha!)
  7. Yeah this was the state of the ground on the first day in 2007 so it didn't start out too bad. That just shows how much rain fell over the proceeding hours /days though!!. Despite 2016's less than ideal conditions, I'd take it over 2007 any day!
  8. 2007. But it's not raining in this pic so it can't have all been bad!
  9. Who's praising 2016?! That was definitely the toughest one we've had in recent years.
  10. Yeah the ground was a mess in the run-up to 2016. I'd only been on-site for a few hours on the Tuesday when we got the call that it was all hands on deck to rescue campervans getting stuck in the mud.
  11. This. Because I somehow manage to convince myself that every month has a defined sun and rain quota where Glastonbury's concerned. Although my current line of conversation is mostly restricted to: Sunny: "It'll be amazing if the weather's like this at Glastonbury" Raining: "I hope the weather's not like this at Glastonbury" I'm very fun to be around right now.
  12. It's the only time I've struggled with the weather at Glastonbury. Can you believe it's 12 years ago now?! It shows what a great run we've had (and the improvements to the site over the years), but that year still haunts me to this day!!
  13. Yeah you just ask at the bar. Make sure you get them before the Weds though as they either run out or refuse to give them out after that.
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