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  1. Campervan ticket arrived on Saturday. Now on countdown. Can’t wait!
  2. I’ve got my main ticket, but no sign of the campervan one. anyone else got theirs yet? Devilman?
  3. Saturday main stage short of a couple of acts?
  4. My usual download buddy looks like he’ll be bailing. I’m in the campervan field and was wondering if people on here have been at the campervan field on their own? i know there is the camp loner site for pitching a tent, but haven’t heard of anything similar in the campervan section.
  5. I should elaborate. tenacious D being sub seems weird. I’ve seen them at download. Once is enough and then the novelty wears off. A little like steel panther. Think of it like a one night stand. Good the first time, a little disappointing the 2nd. I saw kiss when they headlined dl. Again, a one night stand ( with a lot of tongue) saw disturbed at dl too. That turned into a karaoke didn’t it? def Leppard - I’m from Sheffield, so have to approve that. the rest I’m not fussed with. However, I will gladly raise my horns for Amon Amarth. They do indeed float my (Viking) boat.
  6. Meh. It doesn’t do it for me.
  7. Halestorm should be in there somewhere, surely. Their uk tour, which was largely sold out, is done now. shinedown too, but then they only played this year. Same for bsc and monster truck who are here in December with the Cadillac 3. Which, incidentally, is going to be my gig of the year.
  8. How likely is it that Shiflett will play with Me First? Not heard of them before and just reading up, I’m deffo going to check them out.
  9. Fuck. Campervan tickets went fast this afternoon. Lucky enough to get mine, but a lot of disgruntled people out there who kept refreshing and just got the ‘not available ‘ message. really though, I’ve been in the campervan field for the last 5 years. It’s never full. They must run it at 80% capacity or something. Could sell a shitload more tickets.
  10. Slipknot, Rammstein and, erm, fuck it, Bon Jovi. Smashing pumpkins aren’t my thing, so would want a decent 2nd stage against them.
  11. Seeing as the Barclaycard promo is for 48hours from tomorrow at 2pm, then we should get all 3 headliners over ties, weds, thurs this week. No?
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