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  1. Skunk Anansie tour announced for mid-June. Assuming that screws any chance of them playing DL this year. not sure I could take an inside gig in the week following download!
  2. Happy if volbeat are on again, they were the standout a couple of years ago. for my own, personal taste, I’d love Greta van fleet, terrorvision and, why the fuck not, skunk anansie
  3. Underwhelmed. at least we’ve got Alestorm, and hoping for some decent headliners on the other 3 stages. At least it’s not Ozzy, I suppose.
  4. I already have my ticket, so it’s moot. however, would be very happy to see AC/DC and would be very unhappy if it’s SOAD! I’d like to think there are opportunities for something unexpected, like when Muse were announced. I don’t think anyone was calling that one.
  5. Thought we had Aerosmith’s last gig a couple of years ago? The same weekend that SOAD wheeled out the same dross as usual (not my cup of tea) any bets for RHCP?
  6. Has to be Metallica, surely?
  7. Vans got robbed?? That’s particularly shit. We were higher up the van field and, thankfully, had no issues. also managed to get in and out ok, which I imagine would have been a bitch for those lower down.
  8. Just paid 6.20 for a pint in London. But I digress. Royal republic were a find for me, as we Those Damn Crows. halestorm nailed it. Especially for having a female fronted band headline a stage. other highlights include Amon Amarth, Slash and what i saw of Die Antwoord. Also, how good was the danish quarter?!
  9. I’m in the campervan field too. Everything is fine up where we are. Mud in the arena isn’t as bad as it has been previously. Only gripe I’ve got is for the beers. Painfully slow. I hope they get it sorted today.
  10. Not really rained for the last 2. Tho, it did rain for about 5 straight years before that. However, i might leave the sun cream at home this year.
  11. Recommendations for bands to watch this weekend please. i buy my ticket every year, regardless of the line up, but there is less this year that directly appeals. Tents or stages, I don’t care. Let’s have some options.
  12. Campervan ticket arrived on Saturday. Now on countdown. Can’t wait!
  13. I’ve got my main ticket, but no sign of the campervan one. anyone else got theirs yet? Devilman?
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