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  1. Tremas

    Nine Inch Nails

    Last night was incredible. Was a bit apprehensive as the weather turned biblical and all the ponchos ran out at the stores, but it was quickly forgotten as they took the stage. La Mer, Happiness in Slavery, AATCHB, and Sanctified were highlights, as well as that double rainbow. Was interesting to see which tracks got the biggest reactions. All the With Teeth material went down an absolute storm unexpectedly. Would really love to see them on the farm.
  2. That's normally what happens for the apps we develop and is general best practice for us. I tried looking in Teams if anyone had mentioned anything but the last Glastonbury related item I could find was a design research request to the wider agency at the end of April. There's probably stuff under NDA still.
  3. The agency I work for (Digitas) are developing it, and have done for some time as far as I know, although I'm not on the BT/EE account. It's our London team that have done the design, but a lot of the engineering team are based out in Gurgaon India, so that could explain the delay. I can ask around tomorrow morning if it hasn't landed by then.
  4. This tactic sadly doesn’t work anymore as in 2019 they had different coloured moustaches for each day. Maybe they’ll change it up again this year too.
  5. Pints of Carlsberg at Seaside Beano in Camber Sands last weekend were £4.10. Sufficed to say we made the most of that. Probably the cheapest pint I've seen at a festival in some time.
  6. I must have missed this dice.fm competition! I'm tempted to get one of the cheaper tickets I'm seeing on resale sites as seeing Bicep tomorrow will free me up for Kenny at Glasto. Also missed Overmono at Seaside Beano as they were clashing with Objekt so would love to see them too.
  7. I absolutely swear by these sports shaker bottles as my drinking vessel of choice. Can remove the lid and drink using the brim or the mouth spout opening which easily clips on and off. As it's enclosed and you can shake it all about, it's ideal for dancing with without spilling, and same for when sitting down on the grass as you can tip it without it going everywhere. The ones with the plastic filter grid at the top are the best as you can fill the bottle with ice and it'll prevent chunks coming through. I usually carry a plastic bottle full of spirits and add it to the bottle along with mixers from the co-op. The measurement markings on the side are handy if you want accuracy, but I just play it by eye. They're only a couple quid, and most are about 750-1000ml capacity. Under the guise of sustainability I'll often ask the bars to just fill the bottle with beer/cider and you get more drink due to the increased capacity vs the disposable paper cups they use and they charge the same price. Honestly a game changer.
  8. Tremas

    Arcade Fire

    Managed to nab one at 10:01, but the buy ticket button took forever to load up. Mustn’t have been much standing availability for this presale. Hope the availability it better in the main sale tomorrow.
  9. Tremas

    Arcade Fire

    Those standing tickets at the o2 disappeared in a flash. I’ll try again on Friday.
  10. Tremas

    Diana Ross

    I have wondered this. It seems such a glaring omission from the setlists.
  11. Ooof, Blawan b2b LCY, Imogen, and FJAAK 😍
  12. Thrilled by Dixon on the lineup. His closing set on the airbase stage at Lost Village last year was exceptional. I do wonder what stage they’ll put him on as the visuals are pretty key for the transmoderna shows.
  13. This. I usually go for the lemonberry at least once every year, which has the addition of blended strawberries. I vaguely recall seeing the stall in 2019 but it possibly moved.
  14. Tremas


    Their 2013 set still remains one of my all time favourite performances. The rest of my group went to see the artics, but I'm so so glad I broke away to the other stage that night. Just perfect.
  15. It's open on Wednesday too, although they didn't publicise the dj's playing in 2019 if I remember correctly. As mentioned, there are now different moustaches for each day, and there's a separate queue on the left side entrance for those who already have the moustache to skip the main queue. This queue will still move slowly immediately after headliners, but nowhere near as bad as the moustache-less queue. I'm all for people exploring all parts of the site, but it *is* a bit annoying that large groups will queue to enter and then leave immediately. It does feel bit like a gay tourism, especially in the dark room where many straights would just go in to snigger at what was happening. There's definitely an appetite for more queer spaces at Glastonbury. I'd love to see a Berlin-esque type venue playing predominantly techno.
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