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  1. Is it too late to have my name down on said spreadsheet?
  2. That Tame Impala/Dinosaur Jr/Napalm Death/Rina Sawayama clash is brutal!
  3. deadpheasant

    The Rock Slot

    4 is my dad's fave, mines Master of Reality
  4. Re: sweet things I had... There was a cafe opposite Other Stage next to Real Sausages Real Mash that did big muffins for £2.50 or smaller fruit cakes for £1. The fruit cakes were really good (for a quid) but unfortunately sold out by the Sunday. Chocolate bars available at £1.50 a pop at the general stores dotted around site was a nice cheap dessert. Had to eat it quickly in the heat though! Had an ice-cream from one of the ice cream vans that was soft serve in a chocolate m&ms cone & a flake (£3.50 I think). Went down an absolute treat in the heat. I had doughnuts from a
  5. deadpheasant

    The Rock Slot

    Even Tarquin's got a job
  6. Ed Sheeran Shape of you & TLC No scrubs Paramore day dreaming & Blondie dreaming
  7. deadpheasant

    The Rock Slot

    They're a death metal band as opposed to the kind of rock we would associate with the Pyramid afternoon rock slot. There were a lot of metal bands performing in Shangri-La this year. Lets hope Earache records return with an equally great lineup next year.
  8. deadpheasant

    The Rock Slot

    Way too early to speculate. Rammstein are playing in Coventry the weekend before so let's just say it's them.
  9. Not a fan of Catfish or Bastille but saw tickets going on a seat filler site so managed to pick a cheap one up for peanuts. Saw Inhaler, Banfi, Squid, The Murder Capital, last 15 mins of Dream Wife, Matthew & the atlas, last 30 mins of DMAs, Fontaines DC, Friendly Fires & Jade Bird. All acts were good, Jade Bird & Fontaines are particular stand-outs. Friendly Fires always good fun.
  10. I was behind Shura watching Black Midi Friday morning with a couple of her band mates. She said excuse me as she walked past so basically we're best friends now.
  11. Wednesday Dat Brass 8 Thursday Beans on Toast 5 Monroller B2B Skratch Bandicoot 7.5 Employed to Serve 8 Denzel Curry 9 Diving Station 8.5 Friday Black Midi 7.5 Hey Colossus 6 Yellow Days 7 Sheryl Crow 7 Mac DeMarco 6.5 Pond 7 Ms Lauryn Hill 7 Gojira 9 IDLES 10 Charlotte De Witte 8.5 Henge 6.5 Keith Flint Appreciation Hour 7 Saturday Ezra Collective 8 Slowthai 8.5 Hip Hop Karaoke (well I was a 10 of course) Liam Gallagher 7 Bugzy Malone 8 The Chemical Brothers 9
  12. deadpheasant


    Was mostly underwhelmed by the food I had at Glasto. Had a burrito from Luardos which was nice but not life changing as a food blog I read alluded to. Had a couple of burgers that were nice but general run of the mill stuff. Nicest thing I had surprisingly was fully loaded nachos from the worthy view Mexican place. Worst thing I had was also nachos but from a place called Badass (or Deadass) Burritos in Silver Hayes Sunday night. Soggy tomatoes, wet grated cheese, bland basic tortilla chips & no guac, awful.
  13. There was a number of decent peep show ones. This one with "I think I might have the famous munchies" was my personal fave:
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