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  1. https://clashfinder.com/s/ape2022/ Updated Friday 19th & Saturday 20th with correct set times.
  2. https://clashfinder.com/s/ape2022/ Updated the clashfinder with the stage splits. Obviously take with a massive pinch of salt as no stage times have announced yet but should give an idea of how the bands will set up roughly.
  3. Sorry to be a beg but if by chance you get every date please could I get the Nick Cave ones? T&Cs were quite confusing, it says you needed to retweet the message and tag a friend. Does that mean reply? Reply and Retweet? quote tweet?
  4. Another stage lineup. Wouldnt be surprised if this was it, barring any late drop outs.
  5. Kenny Beats added to the Gorillaz day. Looks like Gabriels not longer playing.
  6. Damn that looks sick. Yeah I wouldn't want it to be a complete change, keep the main stage and headliners HC bands but maybe add another stage with more alternative/experimental hip-hop on it. Speaking to a few people at Outbreak and seeing some tees there I definitely think there would at least be some crossover with the fanbases. Unfortunate that Field Day changed a lot, used to have the likes of Death Grips and JPEG playing quite a lot, now it's just purely electronic.
  7. Funny thing is I did exactly the same a few years ago when The War on Drugs, Cat Power & Future Islands were supporting. Left halfway through The National as wasn't really that arsed with them. Yeah noone else on while the headliners on, can always leave the arena and go somewhere else. White Heat Club night (indie/rock) at The Lexington is every Friday and you can pick up cheap or sometimes free tickets on Dice.
  8. BST Hyde Park do that but APE don't from previous experience. Not sure if that's changed this year.
  9. Was interesting that during every break between acts they had 90s hip hop playing. Would love if there was an extra stage that crossed over well. Maybe a few hardcore hip hop acts next year? Maybe like Ho99o9, Flatbush Zombies or City Morgue... Amount of Malevolence tees I saw there I can see them playing a proper slot next year lol. Code Orange is a shout. Yeah saw all of those. Was amazed by the incredible voice the Choir Boy lead singer had. Very much depeche mode vibes. Felt sorry for IR as the crowd was dead for it, still did their best though regardless.
  10. This is brilliant. Can't wait to attend tomorrow.
  11. Anyone been before that knows what the venue is like? Is there much security? Easy to get in and out? Smoking area?
  12. As long as they keep the garage rock & hip-hop I'm happy
  13. If I'm being honest I'm 1000000% more likely to return to PS than RW but that's personal preference. Queues to get in were horrendous, crowd was dead, site is out of the way to get to, drink choice was limited, zero nightlife apart from a naff DJ & food was unspectacular. Though might have just been a bad year I went to RW. EDIT: Also each act ever so slightly clashes so you'll always miss the first or last 5-10 minutes of the next set on.
  14. It's still a good festival. Lineup is always killer. Just I personally wouldn't go back.
  15. I was literally going to say... reminds me of Rock Werchter lol: Rows of people stood still arms folded for Metallica and System of a Down, come on now! Didn't get too much of that at Prima, generally easy to go past the boring people to get to the hardcore fans at the front.
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