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  1. Gutted about the fest this year and bittersweet feelings about the tickets rolling over. I'm lucky in that I have one, but I know some who are so dedicated to the fest will probably have even less of a chance than normal, depending on the number of tickets returned. The Eavii made the right decision in the end. Peas and love to everyone who didn't secure tickets for 2020, I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunities to get some for next year! 2021 is gonna be a blinder!
  2. This happened to me in 2013 before the Stones after a shocking amount of Whiskey at the Chameleon Bar. One leg would work, the other would not. Also happened at LCD Soundsystem in 2016. Also happened at the Bimble Inn one night There's a pattern forming here....
  3. Absolutely! Sat there for a couple of hours around our camp drinking this stuff "I don't feel drunk at all" I stood up and boy was I wrong. So very, very wrong.
  4. It's very deadly. Made some in about 2014 / 2015. Very, very smooth and easy to drink considering it was straight Vodka. Think I drank nearly a full 70cl over the course of a day and was near-blind by the end of the evening. Possibly still hungover from that year. Might make some more for 2020!
  5. Put your wristband on the wrist opposite to your wiping hand
  6. At Mad Cool both last year and this year they had guys going around with those big camelback dispensers selling beer like you'd see at a sporting event or arena gig. Same price as the bar so it must have been regulated by the festival. This was super handy when in the middle of a crowd and wanted a beer and you'd never been too far from someone. They'd get busy in between sets and at the popular areas but generally there'd be maybe only one or two people in front. This seemed to reduce the bar queues for people just ordering beer but the bars could still get busy at times Don't know how something like this could get rolled out at Glastonbury given the sheer size but may reduce some of the traffic to the larger and more popular bars
  7. pentura

    2020 headliners

    You sure? Kendrick has more Spotify plays than Foals
  8. pentura

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Neville Staples - Avalon, cant remember the year, 2010 maybe? Bootleg Beatles - Acoustic, 2010 Lionel - Pyramid, 2015 Burt Bacharach - Pyramid, 2015 Stevie Wonder, Pyramid, 2010 And the Fall - The Park, 2015 purely because Mark E. Smith pissed himself on stage
  9. Seen them in the Acoustic Tent 2010. The were shit hot at that gig!!!
  10. LCD Soundsystem in 2016 seems to be taking the crown here. What an amazing gig that was!
  11. '10 - Faithless, Pyramid '11 - The Streets, John Peel or Radiohead, The Park '13 - Nick Cave or the Stones, Pyramid '14 - The War on Drugs, Pyramid '15 - The Fall, The Park '16 - LCD Soundsystem, Other Stage
  12. The Who, 2015. Absolutely dreadful. Sounded like two grandads doing Who covers. And not good ones at that. Left after about 30 mins and caught the last half of Ryan Adams at the Park and he was great
  13. pentura

    Liam confirmed

    Potential for that to be rammed though. Wasn't there this year but certainly what I seen on the BBC it looked like that field was near full. Could have been some of the Killers crowd but I'd say Liam could still pull a serious crowd of his own Was at the Beady Eye secret set in 2011 I think it was. From memory that was busy enough. He's well surpassed that size on his own
  14. pentura

    Liam confirmed

    Just confirmed he's gonna be there. Not necessarily playing there. As @DareToDibble said, where can he go from a sub-headline slot on the Pyramid? Headline Other?
  15. Pretty sure that's how the hippies in the Green Fields are still there. Same ones from 1970.
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