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  1. pentura

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Bumping this up - we've fallen to the second page! 😱 Hope everyone's having a good weekend. Went out last night, few too many as per usual but a good evening all around! Had a very rough week and still not over it but trying to stay positive Peas and love!
  2. It is yeah And I can't see why, if successful on Thursday, you'd try again for Sunday. You have a ticket!! Worry about the logistics afterwards!
  3. Interested to hear what this is about They use one for the coach and another for general? If successful in both they bin the coach and make their own way with the general? If successful on Thursday and not Sunday or vice verse then at least they have one ticket sorted If unsuccessful in both...well, lets not go down that route
  4. pentura

    Resale Club 2019

    In the Irish language, an Otter is called 'Madra Uisce' which translates to 'Water Dog' You're welcome! Also grateful for any help from Otters and any other semi-amphibious creatures while we're at it!
  5. That 1 million figure has been thrown around before. If I remember rightly, it refers to the number of total registrations - including active, dormant and double ups. I myself have 2 registrations for some reason But yeah, it could be close 500,000+ easily
  6. That's true - the deposit has remained the same yet the total ticket price has crept up year on year. Could a non-refundable deposit work? Might scare off those who aren't sure in October, but may know come April for resales
  7. The law of averages means there will be some people who book halfheartedly in October, only to cancel in April. This is aside from those with a genuine reason being work commitments, finance or health issues or any other personal issues or commitments that may prevent them from going. I personally, don't know anyone who would book in October and cancel in April, without reason other than they're not bothered. Would love to know how many there are.. Obviously a statistic like this is completely un-quantifiable but I would suspect it's very low. Anyone who's been wants to go again and again, and those who haven't been, still badly want to go. Can't see many returning a ticket out of lack of interest!
  8. I think it would - me, personally, I would certainly made sure we had enough to cover the full cost of the ticket But to ask for a group of 6, £250 each plus the possible price of a coach, from say, Glasgow, would be way too much to ask in my opinion
  9. Same here - one thing I have noticed across all forms of sales - (coach, general, coach resale, general resale, secret resale) is that I have generally gotten past the holding page within the first 10 mins. After that, no luck. Maybe I'm looking too much into it but I can only predict based on past success rates, all of which have been successful within the first few minutes. So once that 10 / 15 minute mark hits and we've had no luck, I get seriously worried. Obviously there's still tickets available but those first few minutes seem to be crucial in getting them P.S. - Great username!
  10. pentura

    What I learnt during the ticket sale.

    We discussed this to death over on the "Ticket tips" thread. Still none-the-wiser afterwards It seems there was no visual indication of being on the 'wilderness' holding page as it was aptly named. I'd say our group definitely exceeded it on Thursday, possibly not yesterday as we were more reserved with the F5'ing. No change from what I could see. Think they intentionally kept it that way so the refresh bots / apps would be locked out. Who knows though, some reckon it's a red herring, others will do 59 refreshes in the minute - all options seem to give mixed results, some have tickets now, some dont. Luck of the draw at the end of the day!
  11. pentura

    Resale Club 2019

    @JoeyT - reading that again just made my morning a whole lot better!!
  12. pentura

    Resale Club 2019

    It was brutal indeed. Happened at 1pm I remember. I was hammering away in work, shaking by the time it ended! Yeah, I heard they didn't have one last year - wonder what the reason was?
  13. pentura

    Resale Club 2019

    Ha ha!! Love that Twix story - where there's a will there's a way!
  14. pentura

    Resale Club 2019

    I did yeah! 2013 - secret resale (Stones, baby!!!) 2015 - I think was the general coach resale 2016 - I actually had mine sorted but got my sister and missus' in the secret resale again, by the time I hit the proceed with payment button and got the confirmation, it had sold out. Couldn't have been more than 60 seconds! Didn't get anywhere near this time round. Hoping previous luck with the resales and secrets will work in my favour!