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  1. Oh I am absolutely going to look into working at it as a backup, will get an application in ASAP. Watching on the TV over the weekend, there's no way I can miss another year 😪
  2. Yup! And it's not for want of trying 😪😪 This train is departing for Glastonbury 2020, please present ticket at the gate, please keep all bags and belongings away from the doors, stand back, mind the gap, leave no trace and NFR NFC!
  3. Jumping on this bandwagon for a NFR NFC 2020! Full steam ahead comrades!!! Let's just get sorted with tickets first.....Can't believe it was 2016 last time I was on the farm! Long overdue
  4. Seemed to be ok from what I remember. I was with the ex at the time and bumped into a couple of friends while there without contacting via phone but didn't notice an issues with the phone reception
  5. I imagine it'd be hard enough to see from that crowd during Kylie as well! Obviously there was a ring but if you were relying solely on the plane that'd be tricky! Yeah here's the group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/glastochat/ I wasn't at the festival this year but lost of people posting over the weekend. You need to request to join it but one of the admins will approve pretty quickly. Some great stories, photos and funnies on there
  6. Yeah that person posted in Glasto Chat that she said yes! Looks like there was a few proposals over the weekend. Even seen one photo of a proper sit-down wedding meal!
  7. It's a members group, you have to request to be added but it's usually pretty instant as there's a number of admins on there Group here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/glastochat/
  8. Did you try Glasto Chat on FB @crazyfool1 ? There's a few missed connection hopefuls being posted on there
  9. Don't people say leave some in the end to mask the smell...
  10. Yep, productivity has completely dropped.......and I'm not even going to the festival! 😪 I'd much rather spend my time reading through the forums! 😀
  11. pentura

    drugs - stay safe

    I guess that's the first step of the process though. There's addicts out there that want help, addicts that don't want help, addicts that don't think they're addicts, and addicts that don't even know they're addicts. Gotta cover all grounds and have the proper medical and healthcare support facilities in place for these people, whether they avail of it or not. The stigma and criminal / degenerate status surrounding addicts needs to be removed from the ground up. That stretches from those who are homeless because of drugs or vice versa, right up to those six-figure salary bankers and those in stable families yet hiding a prescription meds addiction And certainly after (several) pints, I sometimes feel like I need to go to a shrink!!
  12. pentura

    drugs - stay safe

    Hasn't Portugal somewhat decriminalised drugs? Not fully legalised mind you, but not something that will give you a criminal record for having a bit of spliff I remember a Portuguese guy telling me that there is a serious quantity one can carry before being charged - think like 5g's of cocaine, up to 10 tabs of LSD / pills, god knows how much weed etc. Someone might correct me..
  13. pentura

    drugs - stay safe

    I can't add anything that hasn't already been said but people definitely need to be careful with dosing up before the first wave hasn't even hit. People expect up to 30 mins for MDMA / E to hit but it can always be longer depending on your own body, how long since you last ate etc. In reality it can be anywhere up to an hour or even longer before you start feeling the first dose, so that's a critical time to evaluate how you're feeling and if you even need to dose up. Long story short - ALWAYS WAIT if you do plan or want to dose up! Things can get pretty scary and overwhelming at the best of times at Glastonbury; large crowds, loud music, hot tents, difficult ground to walk on, surreal or even frightening art installations, and taking too much will only amplify these. Everybody wants to have a good time and not have a bad trip. And always remember to keep some water on you and take a break and sit down if needed! Stay safe peeps x
  14. pentura

    The Cure

    Was also at the gig on Saturday. Was incredible! Played lots of hits and also some fan-favourites and b-sides. Robert seemed to be really into it!
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