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  1. johnomatic

    Queing Overnight - needed?

    I don't know if it's different on the gates which are just for the car parks but I usually get a coach first first thing on Wednesday morning and don't have to wait long at all on Gate A - 30-45 minutes the first few times I went but literally just walked in last year. We don't tend to go for one of the plum camping spots but probably could have, last year especially.
  2. johnomatic

    Would a ballot be a fairer system?

    This has recently been negated slightly by the introduction of weekday evening coach sales, but something I've often thought about this is the fact that the sale is first thing on a Sunday and you have to get up and organised and that's a good thing. I've literally heard people say before they don't want to try for tickets because they either can't be bothered to get up for 9 on a Sunday, or more commonly because they can't be bothered to go through the whole ticket registration system and then organise a group to try for tickets at that specific time, Presumably under a ballot system it would be much 'easier' in that way to go for a ticket for those people, but personally I'd rather people who really wanted it (and were prepared to go through the whole registration system and get themselves organised at the specific time) got the tickets. But I'm slightly biased because I've tried five years now and been lucky enough to get a ticket in the main sale all five years.
  3. johnomatic

    "They better play..."

    I know they usually play it but to go with a song a band sometimes don't do I'd say The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song for the Flaming Lips. One I'm genuinely not getting my hopes up for is High and Dry, given Thom Yorke has actively said he doesn't like the song and I don't think they've played it since the 90s.
  4. johnomatic

    Worst act you have seen at the festival

    Interesting with people saying theirs is Kanye - mine would be Pharrell Williams just before, which me and a couple of mates waited through thinking he might be okay, and I just thought he was absolute balls. Obviously it was very divisive, but I ended up really enjoying Kanye's set. Whether I would stand through another 75 minutes of Pharrell singing mostly other people's songs to see him again is debatable.
  5. johnomatic

    Flares banned.

    Definitely noticed security getting tougher on them even in the few years I've been going - as a few people have said I saw a couple of times last year when they got in the crowd and ran towards people to take them off them. Not too fussed about them myself as long as people aren't being twats with them.
  6. johnomatic

    James Blake

    My relationship with James Blake is strange - I like all his recorded stuff, he's never put out a track that I've thought is in any way poor, but I just can't get on with him live. Seen him a couple of times now and it just doesn't do it for me, which is a shame.
  7. johnomatic

    Personal Worst / most embarrassing event

    Quite simply throwing up right in the middle of The Park at about 2am one night, to a wide variety of responses from people nearby. Definitely not my proudest moment.
  8. johnomatic

    Future Islands

    One of my must-sees. Took me a while to get into them, and though a lot of their material does sound relatively similar (particularly within albums), I think it works for them. Seasons is one of my favourite songs from the last couple of years, but Balance, Spirit and Back In The Tall Grass are near-equal in brilliance.
  9. johnomatic

    Yearly timeline (new improved thingy)

    To take a slightly more pessimistic (as it were) view on it though the last time we knew this little at this point was 2004...
  10. johnomatic

    2014 Webcam Watch

    Last year I seem to remember they purposefully turned the webcams off whilst they put the phoenix in place, maybe that's what they're doing now with whatever they're putting on top this year?
  11. johnomatic

    2014 Webcam Watch

    That's it, I believe