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  1. Morning all, Hope there were a lot of successful people today in the resale? I was trying for my brother and his mate and having put in my payment details was then told it had sold out during that time. It's the closest I've ever been even when trying for myself so massively frustrated. I know there will be secret resales coming in the next few weeks. Can anyone recall exactly how long after the resale they begin and exactly how frequently they occur? Also am I correct in thinking that there is a way of being immediately notified when they come on sale; through a notification email that is activated when the page changes? Having told my brother how great Glasto is and evidenced by how often I've been I really want him to see it for himself. Any suggestions and advice you guys have is most welcome. Happy Sunday.
  2. Terence99

    Headliners 2015

    Would you prefer that I didn't at least make the forum aware of what appears to have been a very legitimate conversation between an eager Glasto goer and Michael today which concerned the lineup/3rd headliner. We all know Michael has come out with a lot that hasn't turned out to be true but I think you'll agree that posting the story is relevant and of interest to the forum?
  3. Terence99

    Headliners 2015

    He posted another (similar) photo prior to the one you saw which talks about June and the supposed contractual issue.
  4. Terence99

    Headliners 2015

    Class! You should all take a look for yourselves. The guy appears to be a teacher and met ME today.
  5. Terence99

    Headliners 2015

    Contractual issue apparently due to them doing something else? Fleetwood Mac (IOW) was the first thing that sprung to my mind although think that means they'd be doing 3 nights in the trot which doesn't seem Something they'd be particular keen on at their stage in life. Either them or Prince would be ideal.
  6. Terence99

    Headliners 2015

    Glasto Chat on FB has a guy on there who claims he met ME today (photo and all) and ME told him the 3rd headliner won't be released until June due to a contractual issue. Seems like it is fairly legit from the surface although I won't count out the possibility of wishful thinking on my part.
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