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  1. Is anyone else heading to this solo??
  2. And to Jon too?? I might be repeating myself, as it's really bloody hard to use this site on my phone as I can't close the ads, or clearly read any posts! But anyways.. so there's several of us, PM your numbers if you fancy, I'll send WhatsApp invite...alrighty then.
  3. Half a dozen of us solo'ers are going to meet up, or camp together, depending on what people want to do, send me a message with your e mail address, or better, number, if you'd like to get invite on WhatsApp?
  4. Anybody keeping on top/p to date with the wristband business? Any joy on Twitter?? I guess the only way to not be tracked for data collection/ future advertising/PRIVACY FFS, is to not open a wristband account, and top up at one of two points on site? It looks like if you do that refunds aren't available, of course.
  5. I also hate this. No notice. Data collection. Untested tech. Budgeting cock ups. The lack of consultation. Any other business doing this I would avoid completely & this may well impact on my decision to ever go again (I make choices based on personal principles of autonomy, biggest being totally against the move towards cashless society- like loads of other people here).
  6. I'm going to DM people that said they are/thinking about going alone in a few days, about seeing if we want to plan this a bit, very causually! hope that's ok? or it will get to Sat 20th, ill be on site, and I will have done nothing about it...which is what usually happens..
  7. Yup, sounds good! another solo-er here.
  8. Kraftwerk Is a bit bucket list. The visuals will be mind blowing. All other stuff just extra treats! Looks as if I'm on my own this year, Any solos going for weekend or any days??
  9. Couple of people asking about going solo. I thought there was always a meet on site on Thursday for new uns etc on their own?
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