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eFestivals has been here 20 years supporting festivals and festival goers. Without your support it will not continue as it has been.
Advertising used to pay the bills but advertising revenues are much less than they were.

Festivals: if you'd like us to continue to promote your event to our 650,000 monthly readers you'll need to give a helping hand.
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    Nothing interests me, people who need profiles are the most boring bunch of people I've ever met.
  1. halls57

    ...could it be?

    I think you are wrong and I'm never wrong and I hope to hell* and back I'm right again Anything you need be it some one to scream at or whatever, get in touch, me and Dory will be there. Halls *Ipswitch
  2. Cracking news all round mate. Fingers crossed for Mrs Happy snail and soon to be baby happy snail hope all goes as smoothly as possible
  3. So Zels stayed up all night partying I wonder where she got that ability from
  4. halls57

    Being happy...

    Its taken you until 21 to get cynical and jaded with the media?
  5. halls57


    Personally the last thing I want to do is admit to being me in public
  6. halls57

    Scene 1, Act 1

    Sifi i've said it before, I'll say it again you have far to much time on your hands.
  7. I hate Yarmouth bloody horrible place. But I love Southwold and Kessingland and highly recommend the little pub on the edge of the beach at Kessingland if you get a chance.
  8. *Sniff* It is like the passing of a much loved dear friend thing I looked at occasionally.
  9. Wilds of Dartmoor? Look out for Rick Mayall playing chess in the corner and oh yeah "Don't leave the path"
  10. halls57


    My pics
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