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  1. Yeah can't disagree with anything you say, mostly down to personal experience from day one of the festival. Can't say that they didn't improve things on day two and three as the traffic was managed much better by the police and taxis were much easier to get. We went back out through the tunnel / uber entrance and went onto the road to hail down a taxi where it wasn't busy instead. Something I missed is that on day one we missed Slaves because of how slow they were to let people in the gates. More comms needed on that from their side. I wouldn't discourage anyone who likes the acts at the festival from going because for the price it is a really good festival. They just had lots of teething errors that didn't help them. They will learn and improve for their 2nd year at the new site.
  2. Not for me this year with the announcements so far. Do we think there will be many infrastructure and planning changes based on last years feedback? Biggest problems / solutions needed for me were; - Wristbands should be posted (I wouldn't have mind paying the extra for shipping to the UK to skip the hours of queuing on day one) - More shaded bar areas - More multi-lingual bar staff with previous training or experience (I get that staff are Spanish for a Spanish festival but their audience is very much international and I've never had any problems at NOS, Sziget or Werchter). - Better planning around leaving the site. We didn't have any problems getting there as we used the Uber entrance each day. Our problems only started with the unorganised road management, this improved each day but hopefully they get it right on day one. - More water points. We didn't discover the free water until day two and none of the bar staff that we asked knew where it was either. - Get rid of the 'VIP' sections. They didn't work and multiple bands complained about them and encouraged people to jump the barriers. It makes for a much better atmosphere if there isn't a massive gap between half the crowd and the stage. VIP / viewing points should be kept for the sound / lighting towers. I'm sure there's more but I doubt I'll be there to see any changes anyway.
  3. I didn't have much luck last year either...
  4. Brilliant, I'll avoid that as a tactic then. Thanks both!
  5. Unsuccessful after four years of attempts for tickets prior to the fallow year, I'm determined to give myself the best chance of getting tickets. My question - what happens if I give my details to two separate groups that are going? Do I mess it up for one group if the other gets my details in there successfully through the other or will it simply inform them that mine has already been used and let the rest of their group through? Thanks
  6. I can only see bits referencing The Who replacing Prince but none with the reasons behind Prince dropping out https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/glastonbury/11731291/Prince-the-sound-and-Kanye-The-Who-roadies-view-on-Glastonbury.html http://www.digitalspy.com/music/glastonbury-festival/news/a657394/the-who-claim-that-they-replaced-prince-at-glastonbury-he-decided-not-to-come/
  7. It's a bit shit they way that they've rescheduled that December London date. Quite a few people would've booked accommodation, travel etc. as it was announced as a one off gig.
  8. A much better second day. Arrived around 7pm for ATDI, straight in through the Uber entrance. Got water at last, it’s not obvious where it is unless you walk right past it so thanks for the directions in here! Didn’t queue for more than 10 minutes all day for beer / food. Much better experience, sound is still amazing, the screens are awesome and I managed to see all the acts I wanted to from a good spot. We camped in at the first main stage for Snow Patrol and AM and watched Jack White from afar who was excellent! Only issue all day was Marmozets had a couple of sound cut outs but all in all much more what I expected from the festival. bring on wolf Alice, qotsa, depeche and NIN today!!
  9. Thanks James, I’ll look today!
  10. Someone mentioned a water point, where was it? Struggled with the heat early on yesterday
  11. Very mixed views from the group of 20 of us, all staying in different areas of Madrid. For us it’s a 10 minute Uber and we left at 5 to collect our wristbands hoping to see slaves. Although the Uber queue was short there were only 2 security staff and they didn’t start letting people through until 17:45! We missed almost the entire set where a lot of their ticket scanners weren’t working. €15 euros for about a litre of Vodka + Lemonade isn’t bad, can’t remember the beer price. No queues early on but then queued for an hour during Fleet Foxes so missed their set and the beginning of Tame Impala. No water refill points and the bar staff seemed to get quite angry with us when we asked. VIP areas are ridiculous and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala made a few comments on it. All were empty other than for PJ as far as I could see. Pearl Jam were awesome although we were right at the back by the bar. We started to head over to Kasabian when PJ went for the encore, worked much better as we were at the front for when they came on. We left after that, wasn’t worth queuing for more beers and I think we were all exhausted from the heat / chaos of the day. Took nearly an hour to get an Uber as the app kept coming up with an error and the police were blocking a lot of roads. Any tips from anyone travelling back after the festival? Hopefully today they’ll rectify a lot of the issues!
  12. Dammit! Friendly Fires was one I was hoping for when they were announcing all the acts. That clash with NIN is painful!
  13. Had England been knocked out I would have gone, unfortunately I'll be dragging all of my group to the nearest pub/bar/public screening for the match!
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