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  1. Ok the dude bitching earlier today made me laugh but this got me. Don't think it'll go down well anyway but here we go... Biffy/BMTH // LG // Eminem Subs: Migos / Courteeners / Gerry Cinammon don't know who is subbing who. NME headliners Red Orange County and AJ Tracey, one TBC. Run the Jewels main stage. Main stage very low on guitar bands. That's all I know for now.
  2. I said I'd post what I know at midnight...
  3. 300 pages by midnight and you can have all that I know.
  4. Apparently turned it down/couldn't get her.
  5. Apparently LG was meant to be a co-head with Halsey.
  6. Money, other commitments, no one being around. RHCP and Billie were asked.
  7. Apparently a LOT of acts turned down headliner slots, not just BMTH.
  8. I've heard this, supposedly a headline slot.
  9. Lol calm down. I don't know the full line up. The info I consider depressing was given to me this morning. As someone mentioned earlier, I don't tend to get legit info until very close to the announcement. If you or anybody else has decided to buy a ticket based on anything I've said, for a festival that takes months to sell out regardless, you are a fool.
  10. If someone wants to tell me all of their favourite acts, and I said they were all playing 100%, that person would still be daft to buy a ticket based on the say so of a stranger on the internet with a history of misleading the forum. I was gonna leak the whole thing, now I think I better keep it hush. 😂
  11. Not really. What one person considers depressing might entice someone else to buy a ticket. I would assume those that buy tix before the line up is released just enjoy the experience regardless or would be satisfied regardless of the individual acts.
  12. Oh shit, people think it's depressing NOW? Might as well shut this thing down full stop.
  13. To be fair the only one that said announcement end of the month was me. Could just be that I know absolutely nothing yet.
  14. Oh wow I haven't seen Claire for years. We were good mates when I used to work with her years back. Yeah Tash seems to know pretty much all of Gloucester to be fair.
  15. Whos that then? I always pop in the Abbey on the rare occasion I'm actually in town.
  16. Mostly full of assholes these days, I've not long stopped working there after 2 years.
  17. I run the Old Restoration in Cheltenham and drink in the Greyhound and King Edward VII in Longlevens.
  18. Hate to break it you guys but no BMTH this year.
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