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  1. These discussions about album sales, streams and TikTok are going around in circles. Y'all need some legit announcement info.
  2. Hey what did I do? That's the 6 I gave you an hour ago. I always drop truth, then bull, then truth. An actual shit sandwich where the truth is even shittier than the bullshit.
  3. Unless there's a female member of CATB that I'm not aware of.
  4. That's the weather forecast. Catfish are clearly big enough to headline both stages on their own Friday night.
  5. guys, calm down. It's Stormy/Catfish, LG/QOTSA, Post/Disclosure Seriously this time.
  6. Have to go back to work (running a bar on a Bank Holiday sucks) so here's your headliners... LG // Billie Eilish // Lewis Capaldi // Panic at the Disco (unmentioned solo act, realised after it had been suggested) // Dua Lipa // RATM (yep)
  7. 120+ acts announced tonight, including all headliners and (I think) 4 subs. Only 1 headliner is a band.
  8. I would say it's a reward for years of service. And I say solo act, I'd presume it's a full band show.
  9. The aforementioned previously unmentioned solo act remains unmentioned.
  10. There is one I don't think has been mentioned. Solo act.
  11. Haha, truth be told, I haven't actually heard anything (yet).
  12. This should not be news by now. Although to be fair, I only know a small portion of what's coming tomorrow.
  13. To be fair, my source said later it was seriously discussed.
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