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  1. Dan Wilcox

    New First Announcement Prediction Game

    Only managed 23. Dan Wilcox knows fuck all.
  2. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Loved both 2010 and 2011.
  3. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    My source only got the info that Travis was playing on Sunday. Can't see why he'd pull out of R/L and not the other European festivals he's playing beforehand.
  4. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Last album was OK. I think the first 2 singles did alright commercially but nothing special. But by all accounts they're not good live.
  5. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Wording on the website makes it fairly obvious those are the only headliners we're getting. Only exclusive mentioned seems to be Dua Lipa.
  6. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    That is horrendous.
  7. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    "only some of this year's headliners..." Well, yeah, the other one is Panic.
  8. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Apparently, their last album (2016) was the 12th best-selling of the year, and the 2nd biggest "rock" album of the year. I think that's just in the US though. That record's already over 2 years old though and there doesn't seem to be anything new coming out either. Last UK tour was November 2016, selling out Cardiff's Motorpoint, Ally Pally and Manchester Apollo. Only 3 dates though. Headlined Slam Dunk last year.
  9. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    As soon as I hear something else, yeah. I'll make up some decent shit first along the way though.
  10. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Don't know if he could be announced later but Travis Scott was part of the info given to me, so don't think he's dropped out. Vaccines too. EDIT: In fact the lack of Vaccines is the most disappointing part for me, knowing how shit it already was.
  11. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Can't imagine being at Leeds having to end your weekend with Panic! at the Disco. Not that I can imagine anyone buying a weekend ticket.
  12. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Morning all.
  13. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Frank Turner would still be a great booking for me but didn't someone say he's confirmed he's not doing fests this year?
  14. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Really want to see them there. I think they're doing he Saturday at Victorious, so certainly around (same weekend).
  15. Dan Wilcox

    Lineup 2018

    Certainly quality. Size of acts? Kendrick's probably the biggest name in his genre right now (certainly top 2), Foos are still one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Arctic Monkeys one of the best bookings any UK festival could make. And I'd view Royal Blood as a strong booking on the basis that they're a new British band still on the rise and will (probably) go on to greater things.