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  1. Wakey321

    The National

    The bad were fantastic and it was a great gig ruined only by; a) drunk idiots talking through nearly everything b) the band playing too many off their new record (which was obviously going to be the case, however an album like IAETF is not suited to be played live at an outdoor gig)
  2. Wakey321

    The National

    Im there tonight! What was the merch like? Think we will head for Britons aswell before!
  3. Wednesday - Went for a wander round the site and took in a few bars then the stone circle for fireworks Thursday - Park Area - Stonebridge bar - Baggy Mondays - Elvana - Guilty Pleasures Friday - Vaccines (Other) - Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real (Park) - Craig Charles - Smoove and Turrell (Hell) - The Charlatans (Other) - Idles (Park) - Interpol (JPT) Saturday - Vampire Weekend (Park) - She Drew the Gun (JPT) - Gerry Cinnamon (JPT) - Johnny Marr (Other)- Liam Gallagher (Pyramid) - The Courteeners (Other) - Chemical Brothers (Other) Sunday - She Drew the Gun (Greenpeace) - Jeff Goldblum (West Holts) - Fat White Family (Park) - The Good The Bad and The Queen (Park) - Friendly Fires (JPT) - The Cure (Pyramid)
  4. Wakey321


    Skewered was my favourite. Had a big mixed box of stuff for £9 which was great value!
  5. David, Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham Sienna Miller Liv Tyler Blossoms Nick Grimshaw Tom Odell Kevin Parker Justin from Vaccines All in a bar in the Park Area
  6. Haha yeah i live in Newcastle so know them all pretty well! Great bunch of lads and love what they do!
  7. So glad you saw Smoove and Turrell mate! How good are they!!
  8. Id be happy with this. Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real was my highlight from this weekend!
  9. 1. Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real 2. Liam Gallagher 3. Johnny Marr
  10. Stood at Park just as The Good The Bad and The Queen came on and this girl turned to her mate and said; " How many Blur songs do they play?" Her mate turned round to her and said; "Oh lots! Thats who we are seeing" I tapped them on the shoulder and said that it wasn't Blur and told them it was TGTBTQ. Safe to say they left.
  11. Wakey321

    TBAs 2019

    Zoe Ball mentioned having Travis on her show from the site on Friday morning...? Along with both Sheryl Crow and Bjorn Again who are both playing already! Interesting...
  12. We have made the decision to change and we are heading for Baileys! Really looking forward to a new campsite this time!
  13. Ok I've just logged on. Anyone able to sum up todays weather news?
  14. Theres a good sale on at Regatta online. I got a pair of boots and a waterproof from there for a great price!
  15. We usually leave Leeds around 5.30am and are usually on site and pitched up by midday. All depends on traffic and the que size. In 2017 the ques were pretty bad. But in 2016 the traffic was horrendous!
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