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  1. Can we get Jeff Goldblum back please?
  2. Stress is a horrible, vicious cycle. You're brain is constantly running wild with thoughts making you feel stressed, when in fact, its the stress you're already under creating those thoughts!!! I'm sure you may have already been suggested this but you sound like you need a little bit of time off and not just for heading to Glastonbury. Time away from work will help, even if its just short term. Also, have you ever considered trying to follow a Mindfulness course? Again, it may just be for a short while, but it will certainly help to de-clogg your mind and give you a break from your thoughts. Hope you find an answer x
  3. We ended up watching half an hour of Janelle Monae, during the hour, while we waited for my pain in the arse brother to get his phoned charged. Then wandered into the cabraret tent to watch a 'comedian'. Sounded more like a political activist. Headed back down towards the Other just as CATQ's went into 'Tilted' which looked magical from the walk way! Should have just headed staright to Pangea after Vampire Weekend. . . but hey ho, i'll never complain about anything at Glastonbury, other than my brother needing his phone charged just to recive nudes on the Monday morning ?
  4. The Killers instead of the Chems. Feel like once you've seen the CB's you've seen them. Not a massive Killers fan but by all accounts the were boss. Also wish I'd hung around for Foals rather than marching over for Liam. Liam was the biggest and only let down of the weekend.
  5. Reckon she knew her brother was a nonce?
  6. I was considering pitching a tent tho?
  7. . . . in heavy rain. Best options in that area?
  8. 'BANG! Lyrical blow to the jaw!!'
  9. Watch this space. . . .
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