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  1. Reckon she knew her brother was a nonce?
  2. I was considering pitching a tent tho?
  3. . . . in heavy rain. Best options in that area?
  4. 'BANG! Lyrical blow to the jaw!!'
  5. Watch this space. . . .
  6. You don't deserve to go, coming on here crying about it. Get a grip!
  7. Anyone hold any hope for Sundara Karma? Would be a travesty to not hear that new album at Glastonbury this year.
  8. Give me some examples in recent years, if ye can, of decent acts announced after the poster. I'm happy with what we've got but always want more.
  9. Elbow, Foals, Gerry Cinnamon?
  10. Do we expect more to be announced?
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