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  1. kf24x

    Beer Run

    As I'm travelling by bus I wont be able to take a few crates of beer with me. I was hoping the co-op would sell beers but I got an e-mail from Glastonbury saying the co-op wont be selling alcohol. With the above mind I think my only option is to leave site mid morning Wednesday and travel somewhere to source my much needed early morning beers. Where's the best place to go ? Best mode of travel ? How long does the journey take ? Has anyone done / doing this ? Any alternative suggestions ? Any info would be much appreciated.
  2. kf24x


    Is there anywhere else ?
  3. kf24x


    Will there be anywhere on site where you can pay to get your hair washed ? I remember there was a place in 2016 but didn't go in 2017.
  4. Many thanks. Is there anywhere that plays older music ? Sing along stuff, even indie / cheesy....basically songs with words ( sound so old )
  5. First time post here. This will be our 3rd Glastonbury and was wondering if there was any area's that have an alternative to ' dance music ' after the headliners ? We love Williams Green on a Thursday afternoon through to evening and have been searching for something similar for later in the night. Any info would be much appreciated.
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