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  1. Ignore me gigpusher. I'm being an idiot: I was thinking of OCR
  2. Text for album cover: JA - "Now everyone who hates me is dead!" Young lad - "I hate you"
  3. Like Ratatouille, but for ultrarunning.
  4. I just assumed this is a depiction of what he really hoped would happen when he switched on the Christmas lights for Manchester City Council.
  5. We'd need to bulk the lad up - he's very...svelte* *More meat on a butcher's apron.
  6. There's some good parallels with pre-Glastonbury headliner advice here... Edit: spelling
  7. Have signed up for Salisbury Plain Marathon next month. Aug - Salisbury Plain Marathon Sept - Andover Train Marathon Oct - Beachy Head Marathon Fuck
  8. I've just read that 'essay' (about himself). Wow. "I like Donald Trump a lot and am extremely proud he is the American President. And I’m sorry if that offends you"
  9. Her second book certainly looks intriguing, so i think i might get that next.
  10. She's certainly lived a life! The Vincent Gallo stuff was a bit...odd though!
  11. Almost finished 'Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys' by Viv Albertine after finally getting round to buying it. Terrific read.
  12. You've basically just summed up what jazz is to me!
  13. Gerald Nicosia's (critical) Kerouac Biography 'Memory Babe' is excellent if you're a Kerouac fan.
  14. I spotted them alone in the chatroom once, way back when, and tried to interact with them...alas: silence. Then they disappeared.
  15. Woffy


    Here’s lookin at you, love from all the guys in the firing squad
  16. Woffy


    Quark suggesting people hover over him.
  17. Elton John - Live from Norwich Owl Sanctuary
  18. Woffy

    2022 Headliners

    Minorcans absolutely laughing their arses off
  19. i'd watch a montage of your Wednesday tbf
  20. Can you smell you by that point?
  21. To be honest, i'm grateful I live just over an hour away. Next door must be blissful.
  22. TWOD weren't even the Pyramid opener (according to the official website / line up). On at the same time as Blondie. Fuck me, 2014 was the year the Kaiser Chiefs opened the Other to sound of the loudest collective groan in festival history.
  23. Does he still stand like this?
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