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    2020 New Music

    I like that 8D Billie Eilish track (i'll see if I can find and link it). That 8D shit makes the inside of my head itchy. Like someone walking round your house from room to room carrying a speaker playing directly into your brain. Was tempted to let my octogenarian dad have a listen but he's still getting to grips with the technological marvel that is facetime.
  2. Drinking. Technically i'm right, but I think @StoneCircle got in there first.
  3. I never thought I'd say this: Suits. I REALLY never thought I'd say this: I'm really enjoying it.
  4. If that's the case we can pray to them! 😉
  5. Woffy

    Lost camera

    Eating soup, presumably.
  6. Or themselves, historically speaking.
  7. Loved the Prisoner. Weirdly I spent yesterday down a wikipedia rabbit hole and ended up at the Prisoner.
  8. Due to steadfastly not succumbing to this recent fucking panic buying arseholery we ended up desperately needed some baby supplies this evening. Did not want to go out, but had no choice really. And it felt really weird going out. Got all we needed without getting extra. Only way I can describe the supermarket (7 people inc. me in there, everyone staying WELL apart, 2 tills open in readiness for 7 shoppers, lad stood outside telling people to socially distance) is it was stocked with everything you need, but maybe not the variety of choice you’d normally expect. Was q.impressed tbh.
  9. Pretty much identical to our house, dude, from my work point of view. Holed up in my tiny study with my laptop, books and music: 6Music at the moment. Although i'm expected to go into work on a rota in the coming weeks, depending on the decision regarding my key worker status (not front line work though). But with a 4 year old (pre-schooler) and a 7 month old, Mrs Woffy has also structured little 'uns weekdays. And around this I can do a bit of work and looking after Woffy baby. So Basic timetable Mini Woffy can understand. Mix of fun activities: painting / playdough / garden time / board games / TV and educational stuff: practising writing letters and numbers (worksheets printed from online), reading practise. Usual story before bed every night. By being timetabled - and her understanding it* - it's removed the 'getting-all-the-painting-stuff-out-and-then-her-wanting-to-do-something-else-5-minutes-later' situations. Just giving her some basic structure to her day that she can grasp. We're incredibly lucky we've got - purely by chance - a large garden. So we've spent our Glastonbury Balance money and ordered a large swing, climbing, slide set. I'm just hoping it still gets delivered with the lockdown. We're semi-rural in Andover, so we've got remote walks on our doorstep. Again, very, very grateful for that. We only moved here 'cos it was cheaper. Who'd'a thought being further from friends, work, family, people in general would be a benefit. That said, Hampshire has one of the highest (known) infection rates in the UK. I cannot fathom why. Southampton and Portsmouth / ports? The wife is half-Dutch and they're on lockdown until the start of June there - with fines for people breaching this (400E for individuals, 4000E for businesses), so we've based our expectations around that. Strange times indeed, but self-expectation management is key. @eFestivals Great thread Neil. *Little 'in has asked about the virus so we've had to explain it to her in terms she can understand. There's some good advice online as to the best way to do this if anyone is unsure. Again, the Dutch 'thing' means my wife tends to be incredibly honest - at the right level - with our daughter, so she seems to understand that things not being normal is the new normal, as a best as a 4 year old can.
  10. Cheers ZMG. Nah. Me neither. Unless as - was it @Quark? - suggested, we're on and off restricted measures / lock downs over the next however many months.
  11. How long for? Indefinite? Did he say review in 3 weeks time?
  12. Never thought of that. Bit spoiled out here in the almost sticks, i suppose. Fuck, wonder how this lockdown's gonna go down.
  13. So if we are on full lockdown with a pretty much immediate effect, what’ll be the rules? One person allowed out once a week for food / essentials? +some form of enforcement?
  14. That lighter near the wig is gonna keep me up tonight, Bryanrebe. Pop it in the junk drawer in the kitchen.
  15. So Couchy, looking back how useful was Russy's 2014 breakup advice?
  16. Today I toe-punted a football into my daughters face (forehead, mostly) if that cheers anyone up? Accidental, obvs. She took it better than I would’ve done, tbf.
  17. ‘Ahead of the curve’ taking on an ominous new meaning.
  18. Oh, @priest17beat me too it. @Zoo Music GirlHe's on top (i.e. typical) form throughout.
  19. Absolutely. I think @Gnomicidecaught him having a lurk though recently(ish). I'm still reading Russy's posts in that other thread. My missus thinks I've lost the plot as I intermittently giggle like an utter loon.
  20. Good innit. It seems like CalGon could've made it. Kali, if you - or anyone else - needs cheering up a little or are feeling a bit delicate / emosh, pop over to the Wibble / General Discussion Forums and have a read of Russy giving Couchy breakup advice back from 2014. Absolute fucking GOLD. After he 's dispensed the usual type advice he suggests using hate as a coping mechanism coupled with picturing each other taking a shit. I miss Russy.
  21. No R.E.M.? You heathens! 😉 I’ve gone for this, people seem to overlook it due to the ‘poppy’ singles. But everything else - and Side 2 - in particular is just beautiful. Especially Kate Pierson’s harmonies / backing vocals.
  22. Duly noted, dude I’ve been dipping in and out lately so not keeping up to date with troll-like behaviour. Onwards & upwards. X
  23. Upvoted to cancel out whatever absolute whopper downvoted this post. Sheeesh.
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