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  1. Thanks, Will it automatically update on its own or do I need to redownload it?
  2. I've downloaded half the sets I wanted through Jdownloader but now I'm getting a 'problem with host' message. Any ideas?
  3. JGP

    The 2019 Food Thread

    There was a stall by the temple in the SE corner which served these open vegan chorizo wraps - all the proceeds went to helping refugees in calais(I think?) and it was incredible. Had the worst gas of my life afterwards but oh it was so worth it... TMI?
  4. We literally got asked "do you have anything you shouldn't have? Drugs? Glass? Knives?". We said no and we were straight in. But then this was Thursday night.
  5. 15 minutes left at work - watching Glastonbury's Greatest Headliners on BBC iplayer!
  6. 2 hours to go until I'm on my way!
  7. JGP

    Car keys

    I read somewhere that the AA have 2 dedicated locksmith vans on site on Monday
  8. JGP

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'm bringing layers for my top half but I'll be in shorts all weekend so it's not allowed to get too cold.
  9. I suppose it depends how much you think the independent traders bring to the whole 'vibe' which makes Glastonbury what it is.
  10. Playing or visiting as a punter?
  11. Been at work nearly an hour. Just over 7 hours until I can leave, 7.5 hours until I depart for Pilton and about 12.5 hours until I'm through those barriers!! I'm physically euphoric because I'm going TODAY, but also physically hurting thinking of people who've had TWO WHOLE DAYS before I even get there.
  12. Now I'm nervous to get onto Pylon tomorrow night! I just don't want a long walk from the car.
  13. JGP

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Just buy some if/when you need them!
  14. JGP

    The State Of The Queues

    How long was the walk from Pink 50 to the gate?
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