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  1. There's just 2 of us and we'll share the drive! Thanks :)
  2. As a teacher, I was really worried about Glastonbury. Fortunately my head has allowed me to have Friday off so I can travel down at 3pm on Thurs. Due to this I need to travel back to Yorkshire (4 and a half hours ish) on Sunday night. What times are best to leave on Sunday and are there any really busy times to avoid? I'd have thought right after the Sunday headliner finishes would be busy. I would probably be looking at leaving some time between 7pm and 10pm. Thanks!
  3. JGP

    Ticket Balance Payments

    Done! Managed to get the Friday off work too, which, as a teacher is no small feat!😁
  4. JGP

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    I've just had my confirmation email too!
  5. JGP

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    It's just pure luck. Me and a friend always go and we had just us trying. We both got through (separately, about 10 miles apart) at the same time.
  6. So now I've managed to get tickets for 2019 (yay) I'm a bit worried about getting any time off. In my previous Glastonburys I've been a student so it was really easy to go for the full Wednesday-Monday but now I'm a teacher and we obviously can't take any time off unless it gets approved by the head. Holidays are usually a no-go. My head usually gives time off to people for their kids' school plays and sports days and things like that but not for holidays - although she did grant someone a day off for Glastonbury a few years ago as it was for her 40th birthday. Have any other teachers had success in booking time off for Glastonbury or another festival? I'd be driving down from Leeds so even if I left Friday straight from work I'd arrive at about 7pm and then wouldn't be back on Monday morning until about 5am dependent on traffic and assuming I left after Sunday's headliner. Also: Pulling a few sickies isn't an option, colleagues know I love Glastonbury and it will be far too obvious.
  7. It'll be my 4th Glastonbury (08, 14, 15) but my first as a non-student so I won't be able to get work off and it'll only be a 3 day event for me!
  8. JGP

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    Got them! - Glastonbury number 4 and my first since 2014. I'll try for some of you guys!
  9. Mine turns itself off for safety (I presume) after about 30% so I have to be awake while I do it but I just do it in the morning. To save more battery I just turn my phone off overnight.
  10. Took these at 2014's festival .
  11. Probably right I couldn't see Queen headlining but it doesn't mean they can't appear somewhere on the bill, if their egos will allow it
  12. No one can top Lana Del Rey for me this year, but I think FM or Queen would be incredible... after a few beers I might forget that it's not Freddie Mercury.
  13. Probably already been mentioned but I haven't read all of this thread; Ben Howard's 2nd album is due for release soon and Alt-J have just scored a number 1 album so they'll probably be around. Plus George Ezra (who played BBC Introducing this year) just got to number 1 with his debut album so he might be down for a bigger slot? - Possibly low-mid pyramid?
  14. JGP

    T day

    I work weekends so I've had to submit a holiday request for the Sunday, if it gets rejected it's going to kill me not knowing if someone's got me a ticket until the end of my shift!
  15. JGP

    Kasabian 2014

    Was an incredible gig. Vlad the Impaler was pretty immense.
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