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    Here's another question... which bars sold Guinness in 2019? I definitely had a few in the Bimble Inn, but I believe there's a few more..
  2. mufcok


    Now THAT is an idea that has got my attention
  3. mufcok


    Yeah it's personal preference, nice to have the option either way! Was it Carlsberg last time? Can't remember
  4. mufcok


    It's relative as well. Unfortunately, I'm used to paying £5+ for a pint, it's the norm in these parts now. Wouldn't expect to be paying less at Glastonbury
  5. mufcok


    As time's gone on, I've opted to use the bars rather than take loads of my own. Even this year - getting my stuff taken in a camper, I'll still only take a few small crates - mainly for the Tuesday and the very busy stages. I just treat it like a holiday to be honest and expect to spend a bit. Drinking warm cans by Friday is not appealing in the slightest. If you're into your spirits it isn't too bad, I refer to just drink beer personally though.
  6. mufcok


    Perfect, cheers!
  7. mufcok


    Not sure if such a thing exists - but do we have anything that shows which bar is which on the map? From 2019 maybe? I can identify a few, but three years off has clouded my memory.
  8. Is that Fontaines slot based on anything, or just a guess at this point? I'd love it to be right, but I've got a feeling they're going Other or Pyramid this time
  9. Cheers all. Yeah the food question was literally just for Tuesday, as we plan on getting there for when it opens. Certainly want to spread my wings inside from Wednesday onwards, the options are endless
  10. Sorry to go over old ground here, just in discussions with our group about the Tuesday arrival: What are talking about food wise in CV East - one or two vans? (not particularly bothered about Wednesday day onwards - more just the Tuesday really) What do the queues tend to be like on the Tuesday, if you arrive around opening time?
  11. mufcok

    West holts

    Gonna have to miss Caribou on West Holts... again. Bit gutting but it's the first major clash I've had so far. Bound to be more but, given how stacked the line-up is, the clashes so far could have been far worse
  12. They were on the 2020 poster for a 'normal' slot, not to open Other (I think). As far as I know, they had the offer to open Other this time, but turned it down
  13. mufcok

    Fontaines DC

    Slightly off topic, but I'm on the hunt for a ticket for their Sheffield gig this coming Friday - if anyone happens to hear of one knocking about
  14. I'd love to see Jamie XX appear on there
  15. Cool, pretty happy with that. Think that'll be my Friday headliner, unless something unexpected pops up
  16. Have Primal Scream been confirmed as Friday? Only just clocked that
  17. Interested to see where they play now, given it isn't Park. Other or Pyramid, surely? JP would be mint but they did that last time
  18. I was at that Blackburn gig, very good. They are hit and miss though. I think I'll only be watching them this time if there's no clash, which is doubtful
  19. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    Is this gospel? Tempted to just get a hotel sorted for the Saturday now tbh, save a headache nearer the time
  20. I've never had a shower in 11 years of going, wonder if this could be the year? We're in the campervan fields so, depending which part we end up in, the one's at the Kidz Field look convenient... ish Guessing it's as you'd expect - morning, forget about it; unless you're willing to put in a shift queuing. Mid to late afternoon, probably be alright?
  21. Cheers, but I'm not staying in the area! Going to a family member's for the weekend who lives an hours drive away, so we're gonna head across for a day over the weekend
  22. I know Michael & Emily have asked for the public to stay off the farm now, which is gutting because I'm going to be in the area next weekend - is there anywhere, aside from the Tor, where you can get a nice distant view of the farm in the local area?
  23. About to put an Amazon order in for various bits, and going back to Decathlon. Shit's getting real
  24. I feel so out of practice. Trying to compile a list of what needs sorting, and it seems awfully small. Feel like I'm gonna get there and realise I've forgotten a bunch of stuff
  25. That Caribou slot would be a bit of a shitter, but there's bound to be clashes. The line-up is too good. That Fontaines slot seems a bit of an odd one, is that based on anything concrete?
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