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  1. Sleaford Mods on Saturday besides Billy Nomates and I'm happy. Got my 1 day ticket. Always wanted to check out Pukkelpop.
  2. Josh Homme would be happy to see that the VIP Front of Stage area is not there anymore
  3. RW is fantastic for enjoying music on a well organized MUSIC festival. Sziget is about so much more. I like both a lot but they are very different.
  4. I hope they stick to their promise to actually refund people.
  5. @Ken19 is the June 30th - July 4th week safe?
  6. Thursday to Monday or Wednesday to Sunday?
  7. might make Germans with music taste borrow a Belgian passport
  8. Think we will all have our bummers this year.
  9. I also have 7 days already. Easy to spend 7 days in Budapest even if 2 days are crap in the end... was the same in 2015.
  10. Frequency Festival announces March 3rd
  11. When going back from the festival to town each day: are the shuttle busses organized well or are there longer waiting times? Left after Kasabian in 2015 and it was easy but Disclosure played after Kasabian so not many people left when I did.
  12. With weekend tickets you can leave and return as often as you want. It's easy to get into town via train. Just a few minutes. Nuremberg is a very nice city.
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