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  1. If anyone is interested ... just went through the pictures on my mobile and found the below. On the left the prices in the VIP area, on the right the regular prices on the festival.
  2. Why not? They sell far more tickets than Kasabian in Belgium and Kasabian have been in the top 2 in 2015.
  3. Lokerse announced this morning. Might be the reason. It's going really slow...
  4. They usually use 1 Friday announcement for all Belgian acts as far as I can remember.
  5. Accor just activated the cheap rates. Novotel & Pullman at the Ifema for 330 Euro from Thursday to Sunday. 20 min walking distance from the entrance. Would recommend the Pullman.
  6. just met the tour manager of Paul Kalkbrenner and he said the backstage organisation at the loop is an absolute nightmare. Nothing working. Maybe Massive Attack were just fed up with it.
  7. 21.30 is stage time. Mad Cool just confirmed this via pm. I'm staying in the hotel for the match I think (pullman at feria). My girl is only arriving at 19.30
  8. officially it says 20.30 no idea about stagetime would go myself if it was after the match
  9. got two spares for MGMT tonight. 25 Euro for both together.
  10. just was in a restaurant right at the south entrance of the IFEMA. 14.90 Euro for 3 courses. Quite nice. Name was: La Canica Festival to Feria de Madrid station is a 15-20 min walk depending on what you have done to your body.
  11. you can smoke without worries (maybe not next to a security) but didn't see anyone sell
  12. Wasn't on the Islands too Long. Only for David Byrne, QOTSA, Nick Cave, Portugal The Man, Interpol and General Elektriks. I liked that it wasn't overcrowded and the sound was quite good too. Busses doing the round trip around the lake were good. No waiting times for me there. I usually go to bigger Festivals (Werchter, Sziget or Mad Cool this year) so some things seemed quite bad organized for me. The way to the exit after the headliner is something they don't have an influence on but the toilet Situation is a joke for me. 3 stations of toilets wasn't enough ending up with people pissing everywhere. First I thought it's not nice but after a few beers I joined in of course. Just don't wanna think about what to do if you need to have an urgent shit (what doesn't seem very unlikely considering how bad the food seemed to be). Also the beer was disgusting. Might sound worse than it was. I had a good time but didn't do the classic Festival thing with being on the Island for a long time.
  13. Any time after 13:00. they close the festival site between the end of a day and 13.00h next day.
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