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  1. Although followed the forums for years not logged on and posted in 4 years by the looks of things!! I think the wait for 2019 since 2017 and getting tickets has raised my excitement levels more than other years. This will be my 6th time at Glastonbury and i still haven't seen everything it has to offer which is the beauty of it. My advice will be to read these forums as much as you can between now and June, these forums have helped me so so much and really helped me understand the festival and now i have that bug. Pack as light as possible, i overheard a friend at the weekend planning what food they are going to take with them - you do not need to take food, the variety and quality of food this place has to offer is exceptional. Wednesday and Thursday are by far my favourite days - just walk around and see what you come across. In the early hours in 2016 i stumbled(literally) to a bridge hearing the song 'island in the stream' only to find a couple dressed as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers in a small raft in a stream drifting under the bridge!
  2. thanks guys, soon as i'm in the comfort of my own home tonight i will give all of these songs a good couple listens to each and see what i make, hope its a band i can get into and then join you all in the excitement of arcade fire headlining
  3. sorry for showing my ignorance but im going to put my hands up and admit ive not really heard any of arcade fire's songs. im always open to listening to new bands so could someone tell me a couple of their best songs so i can give them a listen to please? hope i can get into them as a lot of people seem to have very good things to say about them
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