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  1. Still no APE 2 for 1 / cheap ticket links yet??
  2. HamishA.

    2023 Headliners

    I can't fathom George Ezra headlining next year (although I do think he will v soon). Hasn't he performed at 3 of the last 4 Glastonbury's, feel like I read that somewhere??
  3. after how fantastic Kylie was... Britney Spears???
  4. I'm tempted to do the same... it's quite a trek to the pyramid from there though!! Hoping more information comes out before hand
  5. Ah man if it is green Day at strummerville and they're keeping it super quiet... surely too much of a risk to miss the start of Kendrick on a massive long shot?? Has any other info suggesting it's them come up other than the hotel nearby thing?
  6. IMO Kendrick Lamar is a stellar headline booking and every festival in the UK would be tripping over themselves to have him this year
  7. what a dramatic day of news... Yesterday I was having a pint in the sun, imagining we may be seeing a Green Day / LCD / 1975 / Anderson Paak / Arcade Fire secret set, and seeing several early forecasts predicting near perfect weather across the weekend Now it looks like it's pishing it down Fri-Sun and we've got Bastille and George Erza doing the secret shows. I shouldn't have logged on today!!
  8. Did I miss any big Jack White information suggesting it was them? Would be very up for that
  9. Can't handle all this chat of Green Day, Arcade Fire, LCD, The Smile and 1975 (my gf's absolute favourite band), I cannot believe that any of them are going to play, just to be left heartbroken. Wouldn't the bigger surprise set be on The Park rather than John Peel? I just noticed they have a 45 min set-up time for that TBC, compared to 30 for everyone else on that stage... also going up against Elbow, Kacey M, Turnstile and Mcfly (lol) means theres good competition there, surely this is the bigger surprise act??
  10. I cannot express how much pleasure hearing Temporary Secretary on the pyramid stage would give me
  11. "pass our eyes" could literally mean reading FB comments to pull this list together. Do they have any credibility?
  12. Someone I know got in with someone else's ticket... at the gates they got asked if they had any further proof of ID, other than the driving license they borrowed for the named person on the ticket. They got their phone out and loaded up the Facebook app, and went on their profile, on which they had uploaded a mix of photos of both themselves and the person on the ticket, using that name on their profile. They let him in, possibly just for the commitment!
  13. edit: yep, looks like I'm having the same TM issue as others
  14. Considering LCD had a slot the other day on SNL and didn't use it to perform a new track, I imagine it's just a greatest hits tour, ala the residences in the states
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