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  1. there is no crowd managment. it can be really crouded at some shows (ed sheeran and rihanna was a nightmare). i guess this year, JB and DL will be the same.
  2. he is sick right now and canceled some shows in the next few days. it as nothing to do with sziget so far
  3. maybe it sold out? it was ob the web before
  4. there is one techno stage going all day and night. dance arena at night, and every bar (and there are a lot of them) becomes a party with different kind of music. you can find artists like rudimental or infected mushroom ob the regular stages during the day so i dont think you'll miss partying at all at the festival
  5. judging by the camp tickets, i guess the sales going really good this year. it scars me, because when i look at the island map, there are a lot of stages missing. you think they gave up on some of them or they'll pop up later on?
  6. you dont need a boat to get to the island. there's a bridge you walk to it. if you get the citypass you can take a free boat, but it took way too long the time i did it.
  7. no. it's an area closer to the center of the festival..
  8. https://www.budapestinfo.hu/webshop here it is. maybe budapest just got more expensive in the two years we warent there
  9. tickets -> add on services -> lockers at festival area. they added lockers at the entrance and village this year..
  10. they just added the lockers to the web. its 60€
  11. some web of budapest tourists.
  12. i checked for the weekly metro thing is out fot the summer. you can only buy 4 days tickets and they are expensive as well.
  13. this is where the festival takes place...
  14. they just answered me after 2 months about the location. "It’ll be at Madcool space in Valdebebas"
  15. maybe they'll give us elrow or europe stage names first?
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