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  1. The local authority where I live closed down the botanical gardens which are literally just over the road from where we live. We were counting on them to provide us little sanity breaks while we both work from home. They’re a beautiful sanctuary away from the madness. Somewhere you could easily find a spot of green and lay back and enjoy the shape of the clouds Too many people (mainly backpacking tourists in this area) visited the gardens and got too close to each other today, so it’s all shut down (along with the beaches) until further notice. That a real sock in the guts to us, and now it feels our coping strategy is decimated.
  2. Maybe he should have been a doctor!
  3. Over in Aus, the PM has said Australians should expect the measures to be in place for at least six months. That said, he's dicked around with the restrictions to the point where you're not supposed to be out of the house for any but essential purposes, but hairdressers and schools are open. It's a bit of a nonsense. Most people seem to be of the opinion that he should crack down as hard as possible for as short a time as possible. These half-measures aren't tallying up with the ambition to cut it out asap.
  4. Immediately lost all respect for you. Just kidding, your posts are brilliant, TD. Great to have detailed, informed opinion here.
  5. Hmmm... not quite enough for me to buy it over the 2019 3 man pop up I have now. Bloody love that tent.
  6. Great post. I hadn't actually registered the left/right political divide on these 'solutions' because they both feel so awful. On the lock down side, you have immeasurable economic damage, loss of business etc., but on the herd immunity front you have mass death. There are no simple answers. I guess we just distance ourselves, and hope the best medical advice plays out.
  7. I suppose so. I've not yet heard any alternative, though. What good is a complete lock down if the vaccine is 18 months away? Or are you suggesting an 18 month lock down? That would be absolutely catastrophic for a huge part of the country.
  8. Early hours here. Calming my angst with some eFests and a white russian.
  9. You've started on next year's festival already. Gotta respect that.
  10. From what I understand, it's more likely that enough of us will have caught the virus for its ongoing impact to be minimal, before a vaccine is widely available. I agree with @jparx - about six months or so should see us right. Unless it mutates.
  11. Russy was great but leaving on 19,999 posts deserves some kind of respect.
  12. kalifire

    Kenny Rogers RIP

    Sad news indeed. It's not going to be top of many people's list of favourite Kenny tunes, but my dad loved to share this video with me every Christmas as a child. It has a special place in my heart now.
  13. Just gave my mum a call. Bottom lip didn't quiver at all, honest.
  14. The Aus PM just announced the first mandatory shutdown measures here. Pubs, clubs, gyms, churches, cinemas, casinos, cafes and restaurants - all shut from 1am UK time. Restaurants/cafes can run as takeaway or delivery services. We can expect those measures to be in place for 6 months, apparently.
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