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  1. wedgie

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    4122436626 WF6 2LE If anyone has a spare place pleaseee
  2. Just been told we had 2 front standing tickets to be told when we met him that he got it wrong, absolutely devastated. Has anyone got any front standing tickets spare?
  3. Managed to get a front standing ticket, so so excited now!
  4. Yeah, it's a shame. I guess it only takes someone's friend who went to go see OK computer and the bends to get bored quickly and just lose consideration for people around them after a fair few hours of drinking
  5. ahh, thanks for the heads up! Would've been very frustrated to find ourselves with the talkers haha.
  6. Me and a friend are looking at getting tickets for tomorrow's gig, does anyone know if the 'front standing tickets' are actually in a seperate pen to the general admission? And if so has anyone had previous experience of how much better this makes your position?
  7. do people think the secret act will play both leeds and reading?
  8. what's everythink think the chance of getting saturday tickets is? Personally I'm preparing myself to be disappointed
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