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  1. Weezer. Doves. Shame. Orbital. Teenage Fanclub. Great lineup though, as always.
  2. Liverpool would be good this time. Imagine it's likely Doves will be there, post London show on the 29th.
  3. I'd be a little concerned about all the abandoned hay bales if I was going to the Bon Iver show on the 2nd.
  4. Tame Impala for Saturday June 1? Headlining Primavera on the Friday.
  5. But the demand for those Camden Ballroom shows was ludicrous. The whole UK spring tour sold out in a morning. If they'd announced 2 or 3 Brixton shows, they would be sold out too - maybe even an Ally Pally.
  6. Hoping Jon Hopkins and Caribou both turn up on one other day.
  7. For £60/£65 a ticket, not sure Chemical Brothers would work as a headliner to fill a field - but stick Orbital and Underworld on as second stage headliner / main sub - then it would appeal to the average 30 yr old + raver, like LCD did this year.
  8. I had to leave slightly early, so no. Did think when I caught the tube from there that it was a small station to cope for 20/30,000 festival goers. Doesn’t sound good.
  9. Really enjoyable day in the summer heat. Venue suited it. Busier than I thought it would be. The Horrors only playing 3/4 songs was a bit poor though.
  10. Not that far apart - can get from the two main stages in 5 mins. Forecast looking alright, warm/cloudy (bar any of these power showers...)
  11. May have been said previously, but looks like Saturday set times changed on the app. No longer such a crossover between Future Islands (7pm-8pm) and War on Drugs (7.55pm-9.05pm).
  12. Excellent day. Great atmosphere and people. Some top acts - LCD and Young Fathers the highlights. Similar layout to Field Day and some of the food areas + Jagerhouse looked to have been borrowed from BST Hyde Park. North Stage struggled for sound. Seemed really low for Hookworms, and judging by their Twitter they thought so too.
  13. Birmingham didn't hit the heights of the Wembley shows, but to be expected. Felt a lot busier round the back of the standing area than Wembley, and more static (again, to be expected on a Sunday). Glad someone else heard the Leonard Cohen bit - thought I imagined it following the show. Normal Person was a beast! Can give or take Neon Bible and Rococo. Creature Comfort will be a live banger for years to come.
  14. Hard to put into words just how amazing these recent shows are. Can't think how they can be topped. The run from Ready to Start to Creature Comfort is mindblowing. Went Thursday then picked up a ticket to go again last night. Florence was genius, song worked so well, she then spent the rest of the show dancing in the crowd where they enter the venue. Not so bothered for Boy George but it's a big song. Now Birmingham tomorrow!
  15. Going tomorrow. Can't wait. Best read the entry policy for Wembley Arena if you're going - no larger bags/cloakroom/exit for smoking, which all seems a little ridiculous - https://www.ssearena.co.uk/events/detail/arcade-fire-1/ Think this will be the 13th time seeing them - best 5: Sc**thorpe, York Hall, Glastonbury 2007, Leadmill, Glastonbury 2014
  16. It was ridiculously hot in there last night. Made for a fervour. So much fun and very similar to the Sc**thorpe show. Liked the boxing referee call out to start the show. Don't really get the fuss on Headlights, but it was a nice surprise to hear something different. Not sure how they'll ever top these type of shows/setlists.
  17. Guy caught selling fake orange/black wristbands at Castle Cary - http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/glastonbury-2017-man-arrested-selling-139352
  18. fingers_mark


    Great set. Top lights. Could easily have headlined Other.
  19. One thing i know. I'm REALLY looking forward to the new album. New songs were top. Roll on Hammersmith.
  20. Did feel busier walking around, but not so busy at the stages. Probably because of more t shirt weather, compared to last couple of years, i noticed lots of people wearing other wristbands to the standard green one, particularly people wearing orange and black ones. What were the orange/black ones for? Guest passes?
  21. Sc**thorpe was unreal. Was the other side to Win etc, but didn't bother me - lots more space this side + Sarah Neufeld. Can't think of a better gig experience I've been to. Was surreal walking around the quiet, pretty lifeless, town before the show thinking the best live band in the world were going to play in the local theatre. Luckily got a York Hall ticket too. Counting down the days!
  22. Damn. Thought this was about a Leftism show.
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