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  1. fingers_mark

    Arcade Fire

    Birmingham didn't hit the heights of the Wembley shows, but to be expected. Felt a lot busier round the back of the standing area than Wembley, and more static (again, to be expected on a Sunday). Glad someone else heard the Leonard Cohen bit - thought I imagined it following the show. Normal Person was a beast! Can give or take Neon Bible and Rococo. Creature Comfort will be a live banger for years to come.
  2. fingers_mark

    Arcade Fire

    Hard to put into words just how amazing these recent shows are. Can't think how they can be topped. The run from Ready to Start to Creature Comfort is mindblowing. Went Thursday then picked up a ticket to go again last night. Florence was genius, song worked so well, she then spent the rest of the show dancing in the crowd where they enter the venue. Not so bothered for Boy George but it's a big song. Now Birmingham tomorrow!
  3. fingers_mark

    Arcade Fire

    Going tomorrow. Can't wait. Best read the entry policy for Wembley Arena if you're going - no larger bags/cloakroom/exit for smoking, which all seems a little ridiculous - https://www.ssearena.co.uk/events/detail/arcade-fire-1/ Think this will be the 13th time seeing them - best 5: Sc**thorpe, York Hall, Glastonbury 2007, Leadmill, Glastonbury 2014
  4. fingers_mark

    Glastonbury A-Z acts seen

    Arcade Fire Beirut Cypress Hill David Bowie Eels Four Tet GLC Hot Chip Idlewild James Brown Kula Shaker Leftfield Moby New Order Orbital Paul McCartney QOTSA (with Grohl) Robyn Skunk Anansie Todd Terje Underworld Vampire Weekend Wu Tang Clan XX Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zun Zun Egui
  5. fingers_mark

    Arcade Fire

    It was ridiculously hot in there last night. Made for a fervour. So much fun and very similar to the Sc**thorpe show. Liked the boxing referee call out to start the show. Don't really get the fuss on Headlights, but it was a nice surprise to hear something different. Not sure how they'll ever top these type of shows/setlists.
  6. fingers_mark

    The size of the crowds

    Guy caught selling fake orange/black wristbands at Castle Cary - http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/glastonbury-2017-man-arrested-selling-139352
  7. fingers_mark


    Great set. Top lights. Could easily have headlined Other.
  8. fingers_mark


    Unreal sound. Was right at the front. Just watched again on iplayer. So good.
  9. fingers_mark

    Top 5 Acts

    1 Flaming Lips 2 The Killers 3 Phoenix 4 Everything Everything 5 Sigrid I've had stronger music years, all round
  10. fingers_mark

    The National

    One thing i know. I'm REALLY looking forward to the new album. New songs were top. Roll on Hammersmith.
  11. fingers_mark


    Ah, well, glad they played in the end! Must have been great there.
  12. fingers_mark


    The biggest surprise was Toots and the Maytals not turning up! Sure they had their reasons, but was annoying as Saturday's movements were hinged around the set, and, judging by the crowd, many others too. Everything Everything were worth the wait too.
  13. fingers_mark

    The size of the crowds

    Did feel busier walking around, but not so busy at the stages. Probably because of more t shirt weather, compared to last couple of years, i noticed lots of people wearing other wristbands to the standard green one, particularly people wearing orange and black ones. What were the orange/black ones for? Guest passes?
  14. fingers_mark

    Distance walked

    63 miles. Most yesterday.
  15. fingers_mark


    Yeah. Really good set. It had the potential to be even better if the mirror display screen's visuals were working - hence the 30 min delay to see if they could. Will have to go Ally Pally show.