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  1. Bought this beauty today and keep watching the youtube video ? its the Coleman fast pitch Air Valdes 4 with blackout bedroom https://www.coleman.eu/uk/popup.aspx?src=images/product/large/26803_1_.jpg i also bought some Joules wellies (they WONT be needed) and some anti blister socks
  2. Just ordered some. Let’s hope I don’t need them ☝️
  3. Do any gaiters completely cover the laces? The ones I’ve looked at seem to just go over the ankle and above leaving the laces exposed and defeating the object? I can’t wear wellies my poor feet have been ripped to shreds on my previous Glastos
  4. I think it’s a cracking line up, got a list as long as my arm who I want to see. CANNOT WAIT
  5. 100% this. I’ve still got on my shelf and I like knowing it’s there
  6. Allan Carr’s book is absolutely brill, I couldn’t put it down.
  7. I quit using champix and Allen Carr’s how to stop smoking permanently book. That was seven years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. By the time glastonbury comes round you’ll be 1 year a non smoker and that is amazing! I would recommend an e cigarette - they actually look like cigarettes and you inhale and blow out vapour. You can buy non nicotine cartridges. The one I used was called VIP electronic cigarette. I personally think havng a couple of cheeky ones at glasto are the wrong thing to do as you’ll have undone a whole year! Alan Carr’s book is great as well and the combo worked for me..
  8. Stone roses the cure kula shaker Doves arcade fire Bon iver chumbawumba blossoms Sorry i know I’ve gone above and beyond what was asked.
  9. So excited to be going, will be my eighth glastonbury.. failed from Lanzarote and was in a bad mood on both the Thursday and the Sunday. Will not be going abroad in ticket sale week again!! Is it to early to pack? My dream headliners are The Stone Roses, Pink Floyd & Fleetwood Mac
  10. Not true about the payment card, I used my mums who lives in Burnham and its gone through.
  11. Could it just be a question of supply not meeting demand? I know a lot of locals that got lucky in the general and coach sales. Its swings & roundabouts. There is a much greater demand for tickets now and even some locals are missing out because there are more locals than tickets available?
  12. I thought if you put a non local post code in you were unable to proceed in the local sale? Its been set somehow to only allow local postcodes (I think)
  13. Yes they do, they are the same as any other registration. Got mine today too. Now I can be happy again.. dramatic I know but I've been on a downer since I didn't get anywhere in the last 2 sales whilst in Lanzarote.
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