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  1. irons

    scottish fitba'

    Is Moist the actual next boss of Rangers then? I've not been doing papers this week.
  2. irons

    scottish fitba'

    I had a 3-1 win for Celtic. I was rooting for Rangers to nick a consolation goal. I said it a few posts back, Celtic are streets ahead. Form can change thou, so you never know what might happen. But with the transfer window closed there's not much WS can do but ride it out and try their best.
  3. irons

    Football 2010-2011

    What a strike by Rooney, fit to win any game.
  4. irons

    scottish fitba'

    Only seen him for Scotland, but Kris Commons could well be a cracking buy for Celtic.
  5. irons

    scottish fitba'

    Rangers look gun shy without Miller. I reckon Celtic will stroll this now. Or Hearts might have a look in, wouldn't complian about that realy.
  6. irons


    Yeah I found it was just a temporary solution to my 3 red rings. Thou I stuck 2 tooth picks in the back, stopped the fans, and it overheated. This resets the xbox. But my 3 rings came back. Mine was 5 years old thou (out of warranty), so I just got the new 250GB slim with vouchers I got for Xmas. Had to put a bit of money towards it, but worth it for what you get, the inbuilt wireless is a godsend.
  7. irons

    X Factor 2010

    I think One Direction might win this for some reason. I think they might have the most well known song tonight from the three acts. Not that it matters, they will be dumped in a few months to make way for another money making act from Cowell. I see that Joe wotsisname that won last year has a new single out. It looks like it might chart at the heady heights of number 50 today.
  8. irons

    Fetsival Chairs

    Why would you need one? Stand up and actualy watch the bands. Best thing they ever did at T in the Park was banning the things in the arena. Hats off to them.
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