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  1. It slapped (as I believe they say)
  2. Couldn’t find anything much in the way of old skool rave/hardcore this year. Lots of amazing DJs in general, but often someone like Mark Archer or Slipmatt delivers the most memorable and nostalgic early 90s set (for me at least). Is it just me or did there used to be more of this around, especially in the afternoons?
  3. Zelensky’s video address at the Other Stage before the Libertines opened on Friday (presume this may have happened at other main stages too but not sure). As soon as he appeared the crowd went totally pin drop silent. Then intensified by the band dropping several supportive Ukraine messages throughout their set. Made me appreciate the weekend even more through the eyes of those who’ve had all sense of freedom removed.
  4. Oh and as for bad etiquette, again not during performances but in the campsites - there seemed to be many groups of tents tied together with guy ropes at almost waist level turning a long drop visit into an Olympic sport…not fun. Never seen this before in 10 Glastos.
  5. Not so much etiquette in a crowd/stage situation, but several times in the toilet queue I observed people letting others go ahead of them when they were clearly desperate. Was nice to see.
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