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  1. Crazy how something so expected can still be so devastating. I happened to be attending a wedding yesterday not far from the site, so this morning I decided to cure my hangover by paying a visit. After weeks of waiting for them to confirm the inevitable, it’s pretty surreal to have it confirmed tonight. I popped into the Ridge & Furrow on my travels, but it seems now I was 15 months early for the meet-up. Take care of yourselves out there, you beautiful lot. x
  2. Indeed. The sooner Cardiff/Bristol has a decent arena the better. Fans in the S-W continually being screwed over travelling for gigs. Speaking of Bristol gigs, has anyone got a ticket for JARV IS in May?
  3. Nothing too surprising there. Dread to think what disgruntled Genesis Twitter’s like. Bagged a couple of the £85 one for Manchester yesterday. Got my whole family dotted around the arena in pairs now!
  4. Little late to the party now that everyone’s going Gaga, but I’m 27 and a huge unapologetic Genesis fan. Admittedly they were a big part of my musical upbringing - their 2007 Old Trafford gig was my first major concert - but the ‘70s prog stuff is gold imo and though they had some absolute stinkers in the ‘80s I can’t help but love a bunch of it. Got tickets this morning for £87, which isn’t too bad all things considered. My expectations are LOW, but I couldn’t really miss them. Aye, 500,000 according to the BBC!
  5. My whole group somehow made it again, despite a few technical problems. Feel like I can finally spend some time on here again now that it’s in the bag!
  6. Oh my god, I love it! That's 100% your flag now though Dee. ? Hope you had a great time in my (former) neck of the woods. I never realised it was quite so close to home!
  7. That must’ve been @Fishman I think? Couldn’t have been me anyway as I was singing along to Elvana at the time (no regrets) but I saw him around at Monika on Saturday and Karenn later on Sunday - top bloke with great taste!
  8. I did wonder who that was! Seemed a bit gazebo-y for my liking at first but I did appreciate the effort and ingenuity. Was relieved to see that camp clear come Monday morning too, doubly so now I know it was an eFester!
  9. Bin Fish


    In general I thought Iicon was one hell of an impressive addition. Not quite what I was expecting from the first descriptions (I managed to avoid spoiler pics) but beautiful nonetheless. From a scenic art point of view it looked like a hell of a lot of fun to build/paint too, very operatic. I’d love to know who designed it. My first couple of visits were hit and miss musically. It never got too busy, and the few hours I spent there Saturday for Hessle didn’t really click with me as much as it could’ve. Impressive variety, but I wasn’t feeling it as a set and stayed for may fucked up mate
  10. Bin Fish


    100% this. The Downlow entry system was my only gripe with Block 9. Very little chance of getting in unless either you or a mate are queueing from opening, which on Fri-Sun means missing a headliner at a minimum. The queues would be so much more reasonable if it wasn’t still so easy to cheat the system.
  11. Yeah, though it was still technically part of Park Home. We must’ve been camped just further up than you!
  12. Yeah, I’d go so far as to say the campsite was the worst bit of the festival for me. Being up at the top had the massive bonus of zero through-traffic and more space, but every time we climbed through the maze of cans, gazebos, inflatable chairs and guy rope barriers it felt a little less like Glastonbury. No idea why it was so bad this time, a couple of years ago we were golden, but you’re right we’ll definitely be looking elsewhere next time.
  13. So by the time I got around to collecting my preordered bottle on Friday every stall I tried had already sold out. They all recommended I go to the one by the Pyramid, but as the only other act I was seeing there was Kylie and her crowd was MASSIVE I never made it down there. Does anyone know whether preorders can still be redeemed or is it game over now? Edit: I’ve still got my tear-off ticket with the barcode on if that helps.
  14. ~Double post catastrophe~
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