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  1. Thanks funkyychick2007. I’ll ask the company I’m volunteering with!!
  2. I’m attending my first Glastonbury as a volunteer this year. I’m really excited about this new experience!! I have a few of questions I hope you guys can help with; 1) I am arriving into castle Cary train station on the Tuesday, will there be shuttle busses be running or am I best to jump in a taxi? 2) Which gate do I need to head for to access the grounds? 3) will I get a festival program/tote bag? 4) can I still take alcohol onto the site? Thanks in advance 😊
  3. They have talked about one good for the coach on the questions bit of the forum, take a look
  4. I prefer these to berocca. Hydrate better great for hangover. Usually put 2 tablets in a litre of water.. Works a treat and you quickly hydrate.
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