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  1. My “you know you’re at Glastonbury when” shots… IMG_8676.MOV
  2. 1. Fender 2. Elbow 3. Surprised to say it, but Tom Walker (secret set at the Rabbit Hole)
  3. Why you would have the Glade & Glade Dome in the arrangement as it is now. The sound bleed is truly terrible between the two. Shocking. What’s with the toilets at the side of other stage… Slows everything down at an already over-crowded fest. And when will they get the sound right at Arcadia, along with having food stalls blaring out their own tunes a stones throw away.
  4. From where I’m perched up near The Park, can see all you thousands queueing at PGA 👋 Fingers crossed, will catch the moment the gates open. Don’t make a mess when you get in please, it’s lovely and tidy at the mo 😉
  5. Must have been there just after you…Yeah, looks mega down there. Expect that field to filled more than it was in 2019.
  6. Good morning. We taps aff again then? God bless The Weather Thread 🎢 😂
  7. On the Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, yes they do. Seen worse queues, but it generally snakes up the left side of the hill of death (if you’re looking at the fest with the CV fields behind you).
  8. Where were we this time in 2019, that's what everyone wants to know...?
  9. yehbutnobut


    Aye aye... who do we have here then... 👀
  10. Thought this also 🤔
  11. Just means more cuddling. I’m down with that.
  12. Weather for the week ahead on the beeb looked faaaaaakin grim for this weekend… so if this does miss whilst I’m on site building… 🙏 As has been said previously, prepared to take one for the team to keep you petals dry during the week. 😘
  13. Used both. Lanacane is a clear winner. Like I need anymore of an excuse to put my hands down my pants, it's a wonderful feeling.
  14. Honestly, your undercarriage has never felt so good... Thank me later... ...if it's needed. 🙏🏽
  15. https://www.pillreports.net/
  16. tbh this is relating to site conditions as the actual fest wasn’t too bad temp & weather wise, bit damp at times. Just don’t want what we had leading up to it.
  17. Not to over excite anyone, but if you wanted a cheap thrill, Shaffernacker mentions the Azores on this morning’s weather for the week ahead… 👀 🍑 👈
  18. Yeah, i'm well into the "fuck it" territory when it comes to prep spend... YOLO!
  19. yehbutnobut


    Funkingham Palace? 🐇 🕳
  20. yehbutnobut

    Gate C

    Never had an issue at C. A little slower when you go in for the first time and get your wristbands, but apart from that always been through fairly sharpish.
  21. Left before Coldplay in 2016... every cloud n all that.
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